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Is it safe to use Proactive Acne Treatment solution during pregnancy? Lock Rss


Can anyone confirm whether using Proactive Acne solution is safe to use while pregnant?

I have only been using Proactive for just over 1 month and my skin is clear now - no need to wear makeup everyday. But, I have also just found out I am pregnant and don't want to use it if it is harmful to my baby. I had TERRIBLE acne during my first pregnancy and I am hoping to not have the same problem this time around.

Has anyone checked this out with their Dr and/or used Proactive during their pregnancy?


I can't tell you about that specific product, but I do know that some acne treatment is inappropriate. Why not pop into your chemist and ask. They will probably have some extra info about the product if they sell it.

Hope that helps

Yea i would just ring up the nearest chemist and they should be able to give you an answer over the phone

Try telephoning this service - my midwife recommended them for any questions like yours .
Medications in pregnancy and lactation 1800 647 848

Nikki, 26. Mum to William 1.3.06; Callum 30.10.07

hi, i was 20 weeks with my 12 month old DD when i mentioned to my mum that i was still using proactiv. she asked if it was safe and to tell u the truth, thr thought hadn't even crossedmy mind. i ended up ringing the proactiv customer support line and was told to stop using it as they have not done enough research into the effects of using proactiv whilst pregnant or if it had any effect on the baby, they hadn't heard of anything occuring but they had not done there own testing and wont do there own testing incase there is an effect, they just say stop using it. my dd was born perfect!
I have never used proactiv, but anything with active ingredients should be checked.

Iwas surprised when I went t oget cold sore cream and they told me that I couldn't use Zovirax, I had to use benadene...
Hi Ladies,

Thank you for your responses - they have been greatly appreciated.

Have checked (finally) with my Obstetrician and he has told me not to use it. Thought I would let you know.

Thanks again.

Hi, I'm just 9weeks pregnant and I've been using proactive for as long as I can remember but I've just read that I should stop using it. Does anyone know if it has any affects on the baby if I stop using it now? Can anyone recommend any products for trouble skin?
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