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$10,000 baby bonus!!!!! Rss

Did anyone else just catch the report on NBN's Today show were they were on about the 10,000 baby bonus being brought in next year for everyone who gives birth to their third baby???? What tha?

Oh thought id add there is more on it in a minute...


[Edited on 17/09/2007]

Hi. I heard it today on the Today Show. A minister is putting it forward for the baby bonus to be raised to $10k to encourage more people to have kiddies. It's nothing definite yet, it's just a proposal. Would be good though hey!


10 grand that is a HUGE sun of money.
thats alot of money! I wonder if it will work the same way as it does with the baby bonus now when you have twins, how you get double...cause thats like 20k!


Wow that is a huge amount of money - as an incentive for people to have more kids and add to society its great but for those people having kids just for the money it is a bad idea!

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someone posted this topic in general section aswell.
have a look if yas want

3 Little Ones to Love.....

So is that a baby bonus for the third baby?? So, if you have your first or second next year... it probably doesn't count?

what if your already on your 4th due next year does that apply ??

The guy on the telle said that you get a baby bonus as normal (like the 4 thousand now) but when its your third bub instead of just getting 4,000 you get 10,000. Supposed to help people who have 2 kids already who are umming and arrrring about the cost of another one say yep we'll do it, to add to our future population. Personally i think its an ok idea not a great one as it now seems more than ever that we are geing paid to mass produce, it almost feels like the government is trying to buy the use of our wombs but anyway.... it would be a good help to those who were going to get pregnant 10 grand or no 10 grand.


I have heard people critisising the current system because of the cash insentives. They said that not as many young women were giving their babies up for adoption, because they wanted the cash. Unfortunately for them they don't realise that $4k will bearly keep the kid in nappies and formula for the first year. Unfortunately there are many childless couples out there who would love a baby of their own and there just are not the babies to adopt. However, until a decent maternity pay system is sorted out I wouldn't change what we have now, Imagine Australia - one of the most prominent countries in the Western world not having a goverment system for maternity pay - now thats slack!

$10k for the third child is a lot of money, and I think it probably would help me to decide to go for #3 if there was a cash flow issue, however will it encorage lower income families to keep breeding just for the cash? We all know that kids need more than just money to thrive, and these are the things that adoptive parents are sometimes more able to offer.
hiii !

so i was just perusing the threads in this forum, and my eyes perked up when i saw this particular one!

ARE U SERIOUS!!! thats got to be sum kind of joke yeah?

wow, if thats for real..then i am so cheering! i will be having my 3rd baby about mid next year..and man, would 10 grand be a biiiig help! with a mortgage to pay,and a car to pay for. wow. it might even mean helping us to pay off our loan quicker, so we can get a bigger house-to accomodate the little tackers!!

see-when i look at it this way-i would have to assume, that its just a sick joke on the governments behalf-to get my hopes up etc! i just could not be that lucky!!!

well, might go investigate this matter further..very interesting!

take care-


Hey raych,

no im being serious, it was on tv this morning here's the web page for the written article.,25197,22430559-12377,00.html


[Edited on 17/09/2007]

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