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when will I put on weight Lock Rss

Hi there I am 24yo and am 25wks through now with numba 1, I go to the doctors once a month and don't do much excercise, I walk occassionally, I eat when I'm hungry but alot f it is healthy, for the past 3 moths now I have weighed in the same the doc said that I was loosing the same time as baby gaining, I am worried as also that baby is sitting very low so I do not have a belly as big as 'normal' I am getting checked at 30wks to see if bubs underdeveloped but there is the right amount of fluid and everything has gone 'textbook' so far, can anyone offer more information I'm worried but everyone says its ok

nearly there

Hi Tones

I think you should only worry if you were underweight to start with. If you were over weight (even a ltiile bit) then you have the weight to lose and its not a problem. Also if you had any nausea to start with, weight gain can be a bit slow. I am about 10 kilos overweight and only start putting on weight after 20 weeks, but I also get bad nausea for about 15 - 20 weeks. Don't worry about your size either....your baby is obviously very happy snuggling right into you rather than sticking out in front. All three of my pregnancies have seen me with different size bumps, and I too was low and alot smaller when pregnant with my little girl.
My advice - Only worry when the proffessionals worry and even then, worrying won't change anything so you might as well "Be Happy".
All the best, please let us know how you go

Carmel,Vic, 2 and counting...

Hiya Tones, i have been on the same weight now for about 15yrs(48-52kg) when i was preggies with no 1 i thought yah i'm going to put on weight, no such luck i only put on 1kg hehe. Now i'm preggies again with no 2 i've only put on 3kg and i'm at 26 weeks. With both pregnancies i had no morning sickness or sore back etc so my advice is not to worry as long as you are eating or even just snacking all day then be happy you may or may not put on

Caitlin 19mths, Kiani 4mths.

Hi Tones, I wouldn't be too concerned. I too am 25 weeks and have not put on a great deal of weight. Bub is sitting very low down and I don't seem to have much of a bump at all, people do not believe you are so far along. At my last scan they advised that bub was smaller than they would expect but everything was developing normally so I wouldn't be worried about things. Just look after yourself and go with the flow.

S Brooks, Hobart

Hi there,
thanks guys, its good to hear it from other mums, being the first I worry about every little thing, thanks again

nearly there

as pretty much everyone else has said, i wouldn't worry at all! i didn't even start to show until i was five months, and at full term i looked not even halfway into my pregnancy! my doc kept telling me he was wprried that my baby was very small, but bub came out weighing a healthy 3kgs!! which surprised my doc as he didn't think a healthy baby of that size was in my tum tum (and he has years of experience)!! so don't stress ... i didn't and my bub turned out just perfect!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Don't worry about the weight. I only put on 10 kg and I lost nearly 8 kg to start with coz I had morning sickness so bad. At 6 months I started to finally have a little tummy and people thought I was maybe 4 months. I wore my own jeans until I was 7 months. My bub was still 7 pound 13. Not too small at all!!! Good luck!!!!!

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

Hey everyone!
i'm 28 weeks pregnant and i can still wear my own jeans and even though i have put weight on it has only been in the last 2 weeks. I was told not to worry about my weight because your stomach size has nothing to do with the size of bubs!
I put on 5kilos in the last 2 weeks but everyone keeps saying to me where is he or your so tiny!
But i've been told he is very healthy with a strong heartbeat and he doesnt seem to look like he's comming early!
everyone take care and goodluck and DONT WORRY about your weight it will come with time!


You should'nt be worried about showing people pick on you wether your big or small. I looked like a hippo from about 4months on at 20wks i looked like 30wks at 30wks i looked like i was going to go into labour any time. I have'nt worn my jean since i was 7wks that is how i usually know when i am pregnant. At the moment i look like i am going to burst and feel it, only 3wks to go. I have also started losing weight 3.5kgs in the last 7days don't know what that about but the baby is apparently 7 1/2 pds already.

Stacey, Tas, 4 boys

Hi Tones,

I wouldn' worry too much about your weight, as long as baby is doing fine and growing well. I am in my 39th week at the moment and have actually lost 5 - 6 kg, which doctor said is fine, as baby is growing fine and they are guessing should be approx 3.5 kg. I also don't look 39 weeks and people ask how many weeks i am and when i say i have a few days to go they are shocked. Don't worry too much about your weight, just keep looking after yourself and i am sure everything will be cool!!!

Kelly, NSW, due 26/02/04

Hey Tones!! You must be getting excited now ... only a few months to go hey!! When I was pregnant, people ALWAYS commented on the fact that, 'there's no way I could possibly have a healthy sized baby in my tummy'. My tummy was tiny ... people kept staring at me in shopping centres and on the streets ... they probably thought i was just fat and had an odd positioning of 'weight gain'! But the smaller you are the easier it is to get around ... and most probably the easier it is to return to your normal figure after the birth! Within days after giving birth, people didn't believe that I was the mother of a newborn!! Enjoy your minimal weight gain ... next time around might be very different ... you never can tell;)

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

I grew a little bit but didn't gain any weight at all until 3-4 months, a little earlier than you. Anyway, so long as baby seems to be doing fine (e.g. good heartbeat, good movement) I wouldn't worry. You'll just be the envy of everyone at the end of your pregnancy!
I put on 12kg in my whole pregnancy and baby weighed just over 3kg (7lb, 3oz), I too got asked "where is it" by friends and medics alike but eventually looked really pregnant in the last 2 weeks!
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