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threatened miscarriage - please help Lock Rss

I'm 38 yo and this is my first pregnancy. I am 5.5 weeks pregnant. On sunday evening I noticed some brown blood. I have been to the royal women's and had a scan. My baby was visible. My HCG levels are increasing at a healthy range. From 1-2 spots on sunday it now appears to be increasing and is predominant when I wipe myself after the toilet. This is hard for me the waiting is the worse aspect. My partner and I have split up and I don't seem to be getting support from my friends. I don't appear to have fresh blood at this stage. I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences and any advice on how to save my baby.

You poor thing. Although this hasn't happend to me, I can empathise with you. I don't really have any advice to offer you except that I would be back a the doctors straight away to see if they can possible do another scan and maybe try to pick up the heartbeat, although you are only 5.5 weeks pregnant it may be too early but you could certainly try. Maybe if you tried to rest as much as possible and not do anything too physical until Dr says its okay. I know its hard, but try not to stress and this can make matters worse.

Hang in there Helena.

My thoughts are with you.

Melanie, Qld, Joshua J 18.04.02 & Jacob M 04.10.03

I don't have any useful information for you , but would like you to know that I am thinking of you and praying that you and your little one are ok. Let us know how you are going. All the best.

The best thing to do is relax and try to not worry about it, whatever will happen has already been planned.

I also had a threatened miscarriage. I was 7 weeks and started bleeding, mine was not just a few spots. I was devestated thinking that I would lose my baby! I was taken to the local hospital and waited in emergency for at least an hour, by this stage i had soaked a pad! I was then taken to have an ultrasound, unbelievable to me, there was a heartbeat! I was sure that I was going to lose my baby, now I am 28 weeks and everything is fine and healthy.

The only thing I did not have any crampy pains when I bled. If you do, or your bleeding gets worse, seek medical advise asap.

Good luck.
Hi Helena,

I am 31 years old and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in September 2003. I hope and pray that you will give birth to yuor baby in due time.

I had bleeding at six weeks, eight weeks and then again at sixteen weeks with my pregnancy. Each time the bleeding was diagnosed as UNEXPLAINED!!!!!!

I know that early bleeding in the first thirteen weeks of pregnancy is scary. I was told to lie down in bed and not get up at all unless absolutely necessary. Lying down increases the blood flow to the uterus and may infact stop the bleeding. My bleeding was also brown blood and not bright red. Be positive and rest as much as possible.

If you would like to email me the address is [email protected]

Best of luck, I hope your baby is OK.

Sue, NSW, Mother of Jasmin, born 16 September 2003

Hi Helena
i to am 38 but this is my 4th pregnancy. at 5weeks i had slight bleeding but no pain, i rested and so far (10weeks)all is ok. with all my other babies i also had slight bleeding around 5-6 weeks, the doctors explaination was things are settling down but lots of bed rest is a good thoughts are with you.
Hi Helena

I am only 27 but have had four pregnancies resulting in two births. I have miscarried real early with one (did not know I was pregnant but collapsed due to losing too much blood) and lost the second at 19weeks. I have bleed with all my pregnancies. My doctor says he believe most women bleed during the first few weeks and the sex in the early stage of pregnancy can cause bleeding sue to the birth canel swelling with blood during pregnacy to protect the uterus. With the baby I lost at 19wks I always felt that there was something wrong and so when I lost her I was terribly upset but relieved. With my beautiful son I bleed thoughout my pregnancy but did not have the feeling something was wrong. I just looked at what I was doing and realised it was my bodies way of telling me to slow down.

Hope this helps best thing is not to worry and take it easy.

Michelle - Mum to Bridgett (4yrs) & William (7Wks)

How horrible for you to have to go through this at one of the most wonderful times in your life.
I too bled through my pregnancy but now have a beautiful, healthy 7 week old baby girl.
I noticed that i seemed to bled if i became stressed (which only made me more stressed as i thought i was losing my baby) After having had a miscarriage before, i was really worried.
The doctors told me that if the blood is brown, it is ok and probably nothing is wrong but when the blood starts to turn red then there is a problem.
As with a few other people, i was told that they had no explanation for the bleeding but i was advised to take things slow.

Good luck with your pregnancy. If you would like to email me my address is [email protected] I am also on msn with this address.

Take Care!

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

I feel for you. I am only 19 and have already been in hospital for a threatened miscarriage. The doctors told me that my baby was fine. I had to stay over night and my partner stayed all the way through. I think that if this bleeding continues go back to the hospital. Stress may also be a factor in the bleeding. I am currently 22 weeks gone and have had no further problems. Good Luck with the rest of your pregnancy

Amy,QLD, mum to 1

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