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I am 29wks with my second, and i am starting to worry about labour.
My daughter was four weeks early, my waters broke without contractions so i was induced using the drip. Labour was so intense and painful, that i am actually scared this time round.
I am now not sure if i will go early again and if i will even be aware of labour when it starts, its all a bit overwhelming.
Has anyone else been in the same situation coz any advice would be greatly appreciated.
well theres nothing 2 b scared! Bein induced hurts more than normal labour because it comes harder and faster so hopefully they dun have 2 induce u!!
I was induced with my son for the same reason but he actually came on the day he was due. When I was pregnant with my daughter I thought the same thing how will I know if I am going into labour because it all happened so quickly the 1st time (I had my son in 4 hours)But 9 days later she wasn't even thinking about coming so they admitted me to hospital gave me the gel & 2 days later she wanted out, once I went into labour it only took 3 hours.
Believe me you will know when labour comes and I wish u all the best on your birth & don't worry!

Hope I've helped a little

I gave birth to our son 3 1/2 months ago so it's not like I'm going to have another just yet, but I'm scared about it already. I was induced because Cameron was 2weeks late, and I found it sooo quick, but I think you have to trust in your body and remember that every delivery is different. Let us no how you go, I would be interested to see haw it all works out.
I had a normal labour onset that lasted 22 hours in total. The first half was only mild pain, barely more than a period pain, but once my waters broke it was agonizing. So I think regardless of whether it's normal labour or induced, once your waters break and that cushioning is removed it's all pretty much the same, excrutiating. My friend had an epidural and she said it was heavenly so maybe you should keep that option open for yourself, I know I will be next time. At least we can be proud to say that we experienced the true pain of child birth at least once and survived (though never again if I can help it!!!!)
I was also induced with my first son when my waters broke 1 week before my due date and i did not get any contractions, and exactly like you the labour was intense and painful and i had every pain relief that i could.

My second son who was born nearly 3 months ago was 4 days overdue and i went into labour all on my own. It is such a different experience and alot easier i found. Its also easier to push the second time.

I was told if i went early with the first then it would probably happen again, but it didn't and it made me really anxious when i was overdue.

Even with going naturally, believe me you still know its all happening.

All the best, try not to worry (i know thats easier said then done)

Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2

Hi there,
Like you, I was induced cos my waters broke & things progressed really slowly.I ended up having an epidural when they gave me the induction drip even though I'd pretty much pitted myself against it through out my pregnancy but it was bloody fantastic! It meant I couldn't have the "active" birth I had wanted but I don't think I'd have handled it at all without it! I'm due to have my second bub in a 9 days & I can safely say that I'd have another epidural if I felt the need. When it comes down to it, everyone handles these things differently & the drugs may affect us all in different ways.All I can say is 'Don't be frightened to have that little bit of relief cos it doesn't mean your'e less of a woman for not coping with the pain without them!' Geeeez for my first post,I'm being extremely long winded!! I hope this helps even the littlest bit! smile

Kylie, Tas, 3y/old boy & Expecting no.2

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