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Epidurals.... To have or not to have??? Lock Rss

Oh...and just to let you know how different every labour and birth is, I had to get a drip in for my second as the contractions slowed down too much, so it was like being induced, and I still had no pain relief! 30 minutes and boom a baby (after the drip that is)! Best wishes

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi there,

I wanted to share my experience with you. I was against having an epidural, but in the end had very little choice. I had been in labour (not progressing) for 2 days before I went to hospital. After 12 excruitiating hours in the birthing suite and not progressing well I was advised to go on a drip to speed things up and to have an epidural. I was scared as I had been told all the negative effects, but at this stage I was in no position to deny the help being offered. I was so exhausted in my labour that I was falling asleep between contractions and I fell asleep on my mother-in-laws shoulder as the epidural was being put in. I didn't feel it at all. To me I was only ever going to have it as a last resort... and this was my last resort. The down side was that after I was put on the drip the contractions came so hard and fast and the epidural only numbed one side of me. I felt all the pain on the other side. I still had the urge to push and all the feeling. About 40 minutes after being put on the drip and given the epidural my daughter was born.

I am pregnant with baby number 2 (due in July 04) and if faced with a similar situation will ask for the epidural to be given much sooner. If you need the help don't be afraid to ask for it. It is a good idea to know the risks and all your options, but only when you are in the middle of your labour will you know if you need it or not. Don't spend your entire pregnancy worrying about the epidural.

I hope you have a very easy labour and don't have to give the epidural a second thought ( just remember it is there if you need it)


Michelle smile
Hi, my name is amanda, and I have a 1yr old son.

When I had Connor, I said that I would work my way up the pain relevlers and see how I went. When I got to the hospital, the first thing I asked for was the pethadine, did nothing but make me feel ill. I had to ask for the epidural, I was in a lot of pain.

I found that if you didnt look to see what it was they were sticking you with it didnt hurt as much, as I am petrified of needles. It worked a treat until I had to go on the hormone drip because my contractions were all over the place. I had to go up the ladder a few rungs before it was blissful, so much so that I went to sleep for a while.

I had a normal birth, and pushed for only about half an hour, I did tear, but didn't really feel it as I was very numb. Other people that I know have had them and it hasnt worked for them, it all depends on the person wether it will work or not.

I hope this has helped you, please feel free to contact me to chat.

Connor 24/1/03, Oliver 8/6/04, Zachary 5/12/07


I knew that I was having an epidural at my first doctors visit (14 weeks) because I was having twins. I did alot of reading about them, spoke to other mums and took great interest in the video at our birthing classes. Opinions were mixed, some worked some did not. In my case it was great. The initial pain of the needle is awful, but when it kicked in it was fabulous. I actually managed to get some sleep whilst I was in early labour. As long as you are informed about whatever decision you make and that you have trust in your doctor/midwife, then just go with your instinct and pain threshold on the day. I put everything in the hands of my Doctor and even though I ended up having an emergency C-section after 10 hours of labour (the bigger twin decided not to drop down) I delivered two very heathly (7lb 2oz and 5lb13oz) baby boys. I must say I did not feel any real pain until the epidural wore off.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, enjoy every minute of it.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Hi, I have one son who's 17months and am expecting my second on 16 March, 04. I was induced with my son and the contractions came on reasonably quickly. I was in labour for 5 hours and after about four i asked for an epi. I had only had gas up till then. when the doctor arrived, they started to put the local in and i started pushing. It turned out that I had three big pushes and he was out. I won't be havng an epi this time, unless it is an absolute medical neccessity. I found that the gas made me really floaty but if you keep your eyes closed the room can't spin. lol. I don't like the idea of not being able to feel the urge to push now that i have experienced it. You really just need to take it as it comes and make a decision when it's happening. Just don't walk in and not give it a go without the epi, you might be surprised at how far you get.
Hi, I had a terrible experience with pain relief when I gave birth in April 03. I asked for Pethadine when I first went into the delivery room, about 2 hours later the midwife suggested I try the gas first as babies born under peth require intervention to help them start breathing, this frightened me so I agreed. Another hour or so passed and she finally came back and hooked up the gas for me. This did nothing for me so I decided to go with the peth. Again I waited an hour or so before I finally recieved the needle, I waited but no relief came and before I knew it, it was time to start pushing, which although created an all new pain in itself actully relieved the contractions when they came on.
So my advice would be forget the gas, forget the peth go straight for the big guns and have the epidural, cos even when you think the pain can't get any worse, it will and then it will be too late.
I hope I haven't scared you too much

Best wishes and happy parenting, Tigress
Hi Surprised Mum,

My suggestion is to know everything that you can about all your options and then to just go with the flow and don't worry.

My own story is that I was in labour for about 10 hours and completely stopped dilating. I hadn't slept in about 36 hours so was exhausted. I couldn't use the gas because I was throwing up from the pain and the gas would have made it worse. I also didn't want pethidine because of the effect it has on the baby.

I ended up with an epidural and it was great. I actually managed to sleep for a couple of hours (so did my husband who was more stressed that I was). I didn't feel any pain with it going in as the contractions hurt far more. I also didn't have any side effects or pain afterwards. I ended up having an c-section anyway because my son wouldn't drop and I wouldn't dilate further after 24 hours of labour.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend it but at the same time, it is nice to keep your options open. I'm expecting my second in June and will go in without deciding one way or another beforehand. Just let nature and common sense take its course!

Good luck.
Hi Surprised Mum, Congratulations.
I'm a first time mum to Ayden, 6.5 weeks. I had an epidural, after 5 hours labour. My water had broke a day previous, and i had been further induced with oxytocin the next day, i had the gas for almost 3 hours, but it started to wear a bit too thin for me!
We didnt want pethadine, (effects on baby) so chose the epidural. Luckily for us, the 'gas man' I couldnt pronounce anaethetist, let me suck the gas as he was putting it all in, i didnt feel any of it, nor did i see the needle (sigh).
Due to a failure to dialate and progress, (stopped around 5cm & contractions stopped altogether when drip was turned off!) i was given an emergency c section, with a topped up epidural, no problems, but may have needed general if we had not had it at that time, and i would have missed out on welcoming my dear boy, so i'm all for the epidural, i'd wait and see how your labour goes, keep all your options open, we did! Junior will come anyway! Best of luck to you!!!

new mum, baby boy

Hi first time mum,
My name is joe. I have had two babies, with my first baby i couldn't handle the contraction pains so i had an epidural, at the time it wasn't to bad BUT after having blake i found that after sitting down for a while my legs go numb. So with my second son i chose not to have a epidural it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. Once you get the first really bad pains try to relax and breath through them i now when your in pain thats the last thing you want to hear but really try and give it a go it is a lot better then having an epidural just focus on what your about to do and i promise that as soon as your baby is born all the pain is gone it will be just you and your baby nothing else in the world will matter any more i promise. good luck let me know how you went and if the is anything else you want to now send me an email at or if you just want to
I knew through my whole pregnancy that i was going to have an Epidural as i have a very low tolerance to pain.

The pain relief with the Epi was great but by the time it Talana was almost out!

You have to wait untill you are at least 3cm dialated before they will offer you the Epi, so i had had the gas AND two shots of Pethadine before i could even get the Epidural!

It took an hour for the anestesiologist (i don't know how to spell it!) to get to me as another lady was having an Epidural and when he did get to me it took an hour and a half for the thing to work!
I had to have three doses of the stuff and the doctor was looking at me like i was a drug addict because of how much he had to use (basically i had enogh to do major abdomial surgery, his words!)

By the time it worked it was time to start pushing and the doctor told me that they were going to have to do a vacum extraction as my babies heartrate was falling with each contraction. But after half an hour of pushing my beautifule baby girl was born and i couldnt be happier with her!

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

hey guys thanks for all your opinions smile

i have decided that i will just go with the flow... but i will not be taking any pethadine because of the side affects of the baby. I think i will start with gas and see how i go after that. I would like to go epidural free however pain may get the better of me smile

once again thanks for all your opinions and advice guys smile

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

I am also a young mum to be and i have chosen not to have the epidural. My mum has had 8 children and did not use the epidural. I have decided to use the TENS machine. My partner and i spoke about the epidural and when i told him that the needle was put in your lower spine he went white in the face (I don't think that he could handle giving birth) and we decided then that i would go as natural as i can. I am having my partner and my mum in the delivery suite so i guess if my mum can do it I can to. Good luck with your choice.


Amy,QLD, mum to 1

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