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Hi every one,

How early can u get heart burn when u are pregent.
I never had it with my son. I have had it the past 2 nights in a row and man it hurts. I have also been going to the toilet a lot more then normal at least 10 times a night and i know thats not normal.

Hope to here back from u all soon...

~Rachel & Brayden~

How far along are you?
I'm due in 10 days! (can't wait!) and luckily never got morning sickness or heartburn throughout my pregnancy untill a couple of weeks ago, prob because the baby is getting bigger. Normally now i eat smaller meals less often and that seems to work for me.

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

Hi. I've had the misfortune of having heartburn with all of my pregnancies and am up in the night with it again this time round.( 26 weeks pregnant, number 4) I have found that the Mylanta chewable tablets are really effective. Don't use the Quick-eze ones though, as apparently they have something in them unsuitable for pregnant women. Smaller, more frequent meals also are a good idea as the previous reply stated. I also prop myself up more in bed at night using a couple of pillows and a boomerang pillow. Hope something here helps!!

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i got it from pregnant until the birth its a chemical the placenta puts off. i was a few weeks preggas when it started. i got it so bad i constantly was drinking eno in water bottles never left the house without any eno. would have never survived with out it it was so painful most of the time i'd be in agony

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

gaviscon liquid is my best friend smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Gaviscon is what my Doctor recommended to me, and I had Heartburn from about 16 weeks onwards.

I originally was eating Quick-Eze Chewables like there was a short supply, but my Doctor told me to change to Gaviscon because Quick-Eze has a component in it that disables your ability to absorb Iron, which is important when you're pregnant as we all know!

Gaviscon doesn't have this side effect, but I'd recommend asking your Doctor, as the last thing you want to end up with is Anemia (as I did) from the darn HeartBurn medication!! smile


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Re heartburn - I got heartburn from about 20 weeks and although annoying, it was also exciting cause I knew baby was on her way. I didn't go with medication but I had to avoid chocolate, cooked tomatoes (e.g. tomato sauce), etc.

Re toileting - sorry, can't help you there but hopefully baby will move soon and you'll get your nights back!
i was a sufferer of heart burn with my first pregnancy. not sure when it started but i had it from quite early on. i found that the gaviscon liquid helped. also i used to have a milkshake with lots of ice-cream in it before i went to bed. i was told that heartburn is caused by the valve not working properly and the acid in your stomach escaping. what the gaviscon does is form a layer on top of the acid to try and keep it is your stomach. milk substances work in a similar type of way. i hope this helps. im expecting number 2 and dreading the day the heartburn starts. good luck

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I had morning sickness from 5 weeks and my first episode of heartburn at about 10 weeks. I had lots of acid in my throat, usd to have small drinks of water constantlt to stop the acid rising. Some foods made it chronic - mince, lettuce, cucumber, canned spaghetti. My midwife told me milk is only a quick fix because the stomach reacts to the milk by makin more acid.. I tried liquid gaviscon which helped a bit until I started vomiting it up and then I stopped taking it. The best thing is it vanished as soon as bubs was born

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