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yeah thats ok, im 38 wks.... so has anyone used evening primrose oil??

melissa, nz, with jordan, (10th may 2005)& Bella (

Hi, I am 39weeks and 2days (no I am NOT counting) lol, This is my 2nd bub.
Bub has been done for the last 2 weeks and my doctor said anytime now - yeah sure this baby won't budge! We have tried hot baths, walks, bumpy rides, chilli, curry, going out of town for the day, and sex. I am almost ready to try castor oil!
My first baby was 2 weeks early, so I was never uncomfortable as this! We were also renovating the house so we were no where near ready for him!
I am thinking I might try painting the bathroom! Maybe that will get things moving lol - Em

Em Tmba - mum to Liam 31/7/03 & Callum 7/5/05

Spicy foods, sex, walking, and cod liver oil but from what i have been told, the cod liver oil is NASTY!!!!

I ate spicy food the day before i went into labor with Anissa but i cant say if thats what bought it on, she came right on time, just like the doctors predicted smile

I dont know if anything will speed it up but you could give it a try.


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