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Hi everone. almost 38 weeks, can anyone suggest safe ways to induce labour? doc says baby is ready to come out now, lungs are fine etc.. my physio said sex, a hot curry and a bumpy drive can induce labour, does anyone know another way? please!!!
Hi! I know how you feel. I tried all of those and none seemed to work. When we did the bumps I started to get Braxton hicks but they disapeared as soon as we stopped. Sex is supposed to be the way to go but I must say when you are ready to burst sometimes it is the last thing you want to do as you want it all out not in!LOL I delivered 2 days before my due date so whether anything worked or not I'm not sure. Good luck with everything it is a great part of life!


Hi, I was also desparate for my baby to "get out" and my partner and I were trying the same techniques, but nothing worked. On the day I was booking in my inducement, 41 weeks, my daughter decided it was time. You may just have to wait, impaitently, LOL.

Jade, QLD, Jazmyne 4 mths

As a first time mum i was not aware that sex would speed it up. My baby was born 5 weeks early, the day after we had sex. If i had of known i wouldn't of had sex, my son had no problems other than he couldn't suck properly and hence feeding was a problem, but it meant that he had to stay in hospital for 2 weeks, it was heartbreaking having to leave him there and very inconvenient having to go to the hospital every day to feed him and express milk for during the night when i wouldn't be there. There was a bonus though, i got to bring him home on my birthday smile But apparently it is something in sperm that makes your baby come early, so if you are really desperate to give birth try that. Also i believe drinking cod liver oil or something is supposed to induce labour.

Mother of Reece - 24/01/03

Hi there. I have a recipe for chilli biscuits that is sure to get things moving along. Worked for me. Heaps fattening but hey, when you're that big anyway who really cares!!! Write to me [email protected] if you want the recipe.
i tryed heeps of thing with my all of my pregnancy and the best thing i found was not tecnacly safe by things that are good is rasberry leaf tea not just for induceing labour but while in labour, and mowing the lawn or going for a bike ride (bumpy is good) but it is the seat that helps to break your water, or a long walk (make sure someone is with you though and that you have a mobile incase you go in labour wile you are walking), hot soak in the bath, if you have a gym ball sit on it and roll your hip around it can help dialate your cervix. hope this helps, if you want to know anything else ask and i will try to help
i know this post is about 6 mths old, but any other ideas on speeding things up?? and also is it safe??

melissa, nz, with jordan, (10th may 2005)& Bella (

sex is safe heeheh apparently the midwife told me, when they induced me (AVOID AVOID AVOID THIS SITUATION!!!) haah is that the stuff (gel) they use has the same stuff in it that sperm has to dilate your cervix. so sex apparently is the way to go!! LOL

Of course as stated above, you just don't feel like it when your that far gone!!! so Imma think next time around bout doing it more often at the end (TMI) so as to try andavoid induction coz it aint nice!!

Lots of Love Kel and mckenzie oxoxoxo

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

I have six weeks to go with my second and I feel as ready as I did with my first at full term - I am HUGE this baby is lower, bigger, and more uncomfortable - must be because hes a boy! Anyway this will sound gross I am sure but the hormone that you are talking about in the gel and semen is supposed to work more quickly if taken orally (oral sex). This is from a parenting mag in an article on helping things along - all I can say the men get all the perks yet again! smile

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

go to an accupuncturist - even if the induction doesnt help, it is supposed to also help in speeding up your labour. i did that because i new i was going to be induced and wanted to avoid that at all costs.

TRINA, ZANE (both 22) imogen 12.11.04, Eden 23.11.

well i had midwife here today, she told me to have lots of sex and nipple stimulation, plus she has given me evening primrose oil to help speed things up, apparently it softens your cervix and is a lot nicer labour!!! so i guna try that..... then we'll see

melissa, nz, with jordan, (10th may 2005)& Bella (

My OB said rasperry leaf tea or tablets are safe and soften the uterus. You are not supposed to have it until you are at least 34 weeks.

Mandy, VIC, Mum of Hayley Born 02.06.05

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