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This is my four pregnancy.but my fivth child and have had back pain since my twelve week,i am now 28 weeks and find it hard to sleep or even work as the pain is so bad it makes me ill.My docter has put me on pain killers but have to wait for 30 weeks before i see specialist.Has anyone any ideas that might help as i have a 23 month old to chase as well when my older childern are at school......Is there any one else that has as many as i do ,iIwould love to hear from you to see how you coped with things as this was a great shock.... I REALLY LOVE BEING A MUM!

mother,of,soon to be,five

Hi there,

I've only had the one bub, but the back pain was unbearable at times. I have a bad back to start with. I was lucky and when the pain started to get bad at around 6-7 months it was getting warmer and we spent a lot of time in the pool getting the weight off and doing exercises to help strengthen my muscles. I also used to continue going to my chiropractor, I used heat packs and ice depending on the pain and you have to be very careful about how you move and carrying things as your centre of gravity is now different, too and you can't carry a lot or carry it out in front of you.

Sorry I can't be of more help. There wasn't much else I could do either, apart from painkillers and I didn't want to take them too often and I couldn't always rely on my hubby for a massage when I needed it either.

Thank you Ange.I'm currently doing all that but as you would now it seems so endless when you cant enjoy you pregnancy.As this is the first time I've had it this bad even my twins didn't do to much damage.My husband has been trying but he's not every good at it so I have him helping in every other way ,washing ,cleaning ,cooking and getting up to my youngest child.My older childern also seem to understand and do as much as they can except I feel guilty watching them do it while I sit there so I try to do most of it myself then end up paying for it later...I know I shouldn't but when your used to doning it all your self it is very fastrating..Anyway thank you for the reply it helps nowing I'm not alone.......

mother,of,soon to be,five

hi im 29 weeks and i also have really bad back pain ive been going to a reflexolgy it is great they rub ur feet and they get the spot and it helps ur back heaps u should find out bout doin that ...


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