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Has anyone been told at there ultrasound that they were having a girl and then you ended up with a boy??? Lock Rss

At my 20 week Ultrasound I was told that there is an 80% chance my baby will be a girl. I'm really worried because I have bought a lot of girls clothes and my sister has given me enough little girls clothes to last a life time. I'm just worried that my baby will be a boy and I will have nothing for him. I was given all pink bedding and I'm so prepared for a girl that now I have myself so worked up that I am having a boy and won't be able to afford to buy him all the stuff he will need.

Hi Emma, my ultrasound said I was having a boy and I had a boy. I friend of a friend was told they were having a girl and it ended up a boy. They can get it wrong but its not very common. I brought all boy things but kept the dockets in case they were wrong and I did buy a lot of mint and lemon colours just in case. Try to stop stressing about it, you can always dye things a different colour. Besides there is nothing you can do now, it all adds to the fun of having a baby. Let us know how it all ends.
Thanks for replying. The only reason I'm worrying is because I'm going to be a young Mum (21) and we'll be living off my partners wage which isn't much and after the bills are paid we will have barely any money left. I just want my child to have the best start possible and I know now I probably went over the top with buying little girls clothes.

Hi Emma
I saw your posts on another topic - but thought since this post was alot smaller - it would be easier to talk to you here!! I have a 12 week old son, I would love to answer any questions you have. Do you have msn? My address is [email protected]

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Dear Emma_T
Please don't get yourself stressed over the sex of your baby, i'm certain the u/s will be right it was in my case. I have heard them to be wrong but in most of those cases the person doing the u/s can see very clearly & takes a guess. If you have another u/s ask again & see how sure they are then. Nerevertheless stress is never a good thing, just concentrate on the health of you and baby. I know how hard the money thing can be though, I moved up here from Melb leaving all my family & friends to marry my husband, soon after he lost his job and i couldn't work because i was at a high risk of losing my baby. Now that my baby is nearly one i'm trying to get a job but i don't want to put her in day-care, and there are just no jobs out there for home mums. All we can do is keep our chins up and be good parents, i think no matter how young you are you can be a good mum if you work at it.
Good luck !
I've also been told i'm having a girl after the ultrasound. The sonographer seemed pretty sure and my guess is that they may not tell you if they weren't fairly certain. As my mum said to me, they do this many, many times a day, so are probably pretty good at it by now! It amazed me that the sonographer could pick out tiny little things like the chambers of the baby's heart, and organs that just looked like little blobs to me! I personally don't know of anyone who has been told it was one sex and then delivered another, so i see that as a good sign!

I guess if the little one does end up surprising you with the gender, you may be able to buy some clothes dye and re colour some of the clothes and bedding, or maybe you could sell/swap some of the things if you needed to.


Kath SA ~*~ Baby girl due 11th May 2004 gasp)

hi emma
At my 20 wek ultrasound we were told there was an 80% chance we were having a boy then only 4 weeks ago we were told we were having a girl so i really am confused and am not sure though i do not have any girls clothes because all my friends who have had bubs have all been boys so i have a lot of boys clothing and accessories but no cute little pink gear though i am too scared to get any because our family history is mainly all boys!!!
yes i know of more than 10 people.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

hi there emma i havent given birth yet but i have had 2 ultrsounds they were at 2 different hospitals 1 hospital told us they were 75% girl and the other told us that it was a boy after the first u/s i brought a few girls things and a few nutreals just in case because now im so confused with what it is we are having we just going to be suprised now hope all turns out well

I have had 3 ultrasounds , one with each child, the first told me i was having a boy, and Tyler was born, the second told me i was having a boy, and zach was born, the 3rd told me i was having a boy, and catherine was born...............

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

I think they give you the % so that you don't go buying everything for one sex! However, that said, 80% is pretty high and I'm sure they wouldn't tell you it was that high unless they were pretty sure.

We didn't ask the sex of our baby. It wasn't immediately obvious (as some people's can be) and we were happy to wait. I'm getting heaps of clothes from my sister (two boys and a girl) but she has only given me neutral stuff so far and will send another load once we know what it is (not sure where I'll put it all - I'm already out of space!). I've told her that I don't really care about my child wearing the "wrong" colour anyway especially if we're just at home. I probably wouldn't put a boy in a pink outfit to go out in but at home - who cares?

Mum to Caitlin & Owain

I am 3 months pregnant myself and have learnt from my friends experiances, they were told throughout their whole pregnancy with 3 ultrasounds all up she was having a girl, on Grand Final day Dylan Matthew was born, so personally would like to find out but I most definately will not go mental on pink or blue I will stick to red, mint green, orange, white, yellow but won't buy pink or blue until i see living proof. Financially it cost them alot and I can't afford to take the risk. I admit I will buy at least one or two things but I think that is natural you can't help yourself.

Best wishes to all the ladies later in their pregnancy all the best through summer, and have a lovely christmas.
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