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Well i hope this could be a place where mums-to-be can laugh at bit and remember its not all that bad. I fell over in the middle of the supermarket, at 6 months pregnant. Everyone came rushing over to help and i was so embaressed that when I got home i told noone and thanked my lucky stars no one I knew was at the supermarket. The next day in my daughters preschool annual general meeting my daughter ran in and shout out, my mums bump is so big that she cant even stand up without falling over. Children u have to love them.

bell,sa,3 boys, 1 girl & 1 on the way

Poor thing. If I'd fallen over at 6 months, I'd never have gotten up ....... not without alot of help atleast.
Could have been worse though, you could have re-enacted the fall for everyone in the AGM.
Try to stay on your feet while shopping and keep us up-to-date on your progress.

Mum of 1, NSW

Pregnancy and and the Pregnancy brain to go with it!
I had a bag of baby clothes in the boot of my car a friend had given me to go through, the bag had broken, and i grabbed a garbage bag to pack them in. Before starting, I decided to take a quick drive to the shop to get some bread. I put the garbage bag on the passenger seat and off i went.
Got to the shop, walked in and got my bread, go to the register to pay, and realised i'd brought the plastic bag in instead of my wallet (unfortunately the check out girl noticed as well). Off I go back to the car, just to realise I completely forgot to bring my wallet.
After going back home to grab my wallet, i go back to get my bread, and grab a few other things, wrapping the bread around my little finger to free up room for other items.
Again, I arrive at the checkout, and start unloading my arm load of groceries, I open my wallet, pay for the groceries, and start walking out. The girl calls me back, 'excuse me, did you want that bread', after a few dumb founded seconds, i realised she was talking about the bread still wrapped around my little finger of the same hand my wallet had been in - that i had forgotton to pay for.

Mel, mum of Joshua 8, Maddison 5, Hailey 5 mths

Thats a pretty funny story. I've forgotten some many things recently. Such as the time I thawed the mince out to have some spaghetti and I didn't realise that I didn't get any sauce for the spaghetti. Mind you the spaghetti was for a family dinner and they all turned up and we just had pizza instead. I was so embarrassed.

Tiarne, currently 23wks pregnant with first.
Don't think that your memory will get better after you have the baby. My son, Bayley, is now 17 months old and I still forget things. My mother in law has Bayley overnight once a fortnight and I still find my self going out with his things even though he's not with me. A couple of months ago I went to a nightclub with some friends and noticed that everyone was staring at me, half way through the night I realised that out of pure habit I had Bayley's dummy chain (dummy and all) pinned to my shirt. Talk about embaressing. I'm now 28 weeks pregnant with my second so I blame my memory on that. I don't know what I'll blame when I have this baby. Do you know what sex your baby is???


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when in that excrutiating pain that is known as LABOUR my lovely man and good girlfriend my so called coaches were standing next to me and singing (oh happy days) and dancing around with each other forgetting i was in pain they were holding my gas tube and there was no talking at that time just a humugous grunt . At the time i was extremly peeved off and even yelled at them but now it is one of those wonderful memories.

Liby mum for my almost 1 yr old 14/1/03 ashleigh

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