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Leg Cramps and Sore Feet Lock Rss

Has anyone got any advise on leg cramps. I'm 24 weeks and I frequently get woken up during the night with really bad cramps in my calves. I'm not sure what is causing the cramps.

Also lately I have been experiencing sore feet. I'm not on my feet much, and I've even stopped crossing my legs while sitting.

Son, Alexander 2, Baby 2 due 6th July

i could never find anything to help my leg cramps and used to wake up every night doing the screaming and dancing around thing but sore feet i know a bit about! get a pedicure with a foot massage regularly, wear sneakers when you are on your feet and david jones make the best foot soak ever it's just their own brand and it's a peppermint one. most of those things don't work but this one is fantastic

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Hi Melissa,

Make sure you keep your feet up whenever possible, while watching tv or relaxing, even put a pillow under them while you are in bed.

It is also good to soak your feet and treat yourself. I used to give my feet a pedicure once a week. Buy a bag of marbles, some foot soak and maybe a scrub and put the marbles in the bottom of a bucket/dish, pour in some foot soak, warm water and soak for 15 minutes or so and slowly move your feet around over the marbles. It works just like the electric ones you buy. It helps to stimulate your feet and improve circulation and then scrub your feet to remove the dead skin cells and massage/moisturise with a deep moisturiser and massage oil and once in a while wrap in a wet towel nuked for a minute and you will feel like a new woman. Then go to bed feeling wonderful.

i found the best thing to do is press your heel doen hard on the ground for awhile that sometimes worked for me
Hi Melissa X -

my due date is 21/1/04, second child - leg cramps almost unbarable at night - actually twisted a calf muscle last week.

Dont know the reason yet - plan to ask my chiropractor next week - probably some vitamin deficiency - will let you know.

If you have found out the answer in the meantime, can you let me know?? Am sick of waking up in pain!!

Louise, Vic, mum of Daniel almost 3yrs

Hi Louise,

My doctor said it is most likely lack of calcium, and she said to take some calcium tablets and wear those support stockings to help with circulation and to keep your feet up where possible.

hope this helps


Son, Alexander 2, Baby 2 due 6th July

Thanks Melissa - I took calcium supplements all last pregnancy, have been a bit slack this time round - will double dose from tonight for a few days and cross my fingers.

Thanks again

Louise, Vic, mum of Daniel almost 3yrs

The best thing for me with leg cramps, and i get some really bad ones, is to keep my legs warm. I live it Townsville and it is hot here, but I try to keep a blanket or a sheet over my legs. It drives my husband crazy. But it seems to work. Can't help with sore feet much though, sorry.

i started getting foot/leg cramps around 28 weeks....they're quite intense and woke me up out of a dead sleep a few times a night...the best way to get rid of them is to stand up and slow press your heel into the ground starting from your toes and working gets rid of a cramp within a couple of might also help to sleep with your feet propped up on a pillow or something

my midwife also told me i might be low in calcium if i am getting bad i would check with your dr

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HI- my first pregnancy I had leg cramps and aching calves and feet in the last couple of weeks, but this one they started around 28 weeks- 2 weeks ago I woke up screaming, I thought I'd been shot in the leg! And for 2 days later I was still limping as though I'd been kicked. Bottom line- my OB prescribed some calcium and magnesium tabs- I take 2 with dinner and haven't had a cramp or leg/foot aches since. The heartburn... that's another matter!

The calcium and magnesium tabs also worked for 2 other friends of mine so perhaps worth trying.

Good luck

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