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Amniocentesis Lock Rss

I have just been told this morning after my first ultra sound (at 18 weeks) that I should consider amniocentesis as there was a echogenic focus on my baby's left ventrice of the heart. I am only 26 YOA, which means my risk should immediately be between 1 in 1000, however my blood test showed up at 16 weeks that my risk was actually 1 in 313 of having a baby with chromosone problems (Down Syndrome in particular). Because of this reason, I am considering having amnio test done, but since there is a miscarriage risk invovled in the procedure, I am totally confused and upset. It has been a devastating time for us this morning (especially after being so excited about seeing our baby on the ultra sound for the first time), however we havent really had time to talk about it as we both had to be back at work. My partner has said it doesnt matter what the baby is going to be like we will still keep and love him/her all the same, so there is no point in an amnio test, as for me,I wold like to know for sure, if nothing else then at least for the preparation process, mentally. I am very angry that my incompetent GP who I had the unfortunate opportunity to have been seen up until I was 15 weeks pregnant, did not refer me to any ultra sound, the problem would have been detected earlier and we would have been able to have more time to decide on what to do and prepare ourselves. Now, since its too late into the pregnancy already, we have been told this morning that we only have overnight to make up our mind up of what to do. Feeling like the whole world is crashing down on us at the moment, upset about the GP, but most importantly, hopefully we wont be making a rushed decision.

For young expectant Moms, hoping that you wont have to go through the predicament that we are going through. Please make sure that your GP refers you to the following Ultra Sound tests:

11-13 weeks of pregnancy (or 1st tremester) a Nuchal Translucency test. This scan indicates the risk of having a child with Down Syndrome or other chromosomal problems by measuring the thickness of the fold at the back of the baby's neck. WITH THIS SCAN JUST BECAUSE YOU YOUNGER THAN THE "HIGH RISK" AGE GROUP (under 40 yoa)

18-20 weeks of pregnancy (or 2nd trimester) a Fetal Anomaly test. This scan detects physical and structural abnormalities including spina bifida, heart defects and limb defects

Wishing you all a happy and problem free pregnancy, and birth to follow.

Wish Warmest Wishes,
Hi Kristine, I am sorry that I didn't get to read this sooner, as I guess by now that you would have made you decision. My husband I went through a similar thing in August 2001 when I was pregnant with our now 17 month old son. The "problem" they found was there was a trannucal thicking (his neck area was thicker then it is meant to be). I also came down with a virus known as CMV which is one of the biggest causes of deafness, blindness and other birth or developmental problems. We decided to have the amnio for a number of reasons one was so that we could be prepared for the possibility of having a child with problems and the other is that CMV can be treated inutero if caught early enough. We had a 99% chance of Joshua being Down Syndrome due to the size of the thicking, fortunately he isn't though we would have loved him just the same.
As for the Amnio itself, I can not remember the name of the Professor we saw but he is one of the best in NSW's and works at the Peri Natal (spelling) ultra sound place at Penrith Hospital. He explained the risks to us and explained even though it is meant to be a 1 in 200 chance of miscarriage that is a world wide scale. He also said it is hard to say if the amnio causes miscarriage or not because it unfortunately done at a high risk time of the pregnancy.
Having the Amnio was one of the most stressful things hubby and I have ever been through (well until we had our little boy but that is another story). I didn't have the local even though I am absolutely petrified of needles. The Prof said that local was probably more painful then having the needle inserted and I would have to agree. Actually having my ears pierced hurt more then having the needle inserted. For me if felt like a weird tugging sensation, it is hard to describe but I wouldn't say it was painful just uncomfortable. The interesting thing was when I had it our little boy was scrunched right up in one side, where as normally he was stretched right out, it was almost like he new and wanted to be out of the way of the needle.
Sorry if I went on. Good Luck and I have you, your hubby and your baby in my prays. All the best. If you want to e-mail me personally feel free, my address is [email protected]

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Hi Kristine

I was 21 when our first baby was born, at my 18 ultrasound the Doctor made it very clear I was out with my date & bub was going to be very tiny. As she was breech it was recommended that a c-section be preformed 12 days early weighing a neat 7lb we welcomed our first child a little girl, Harriett. It wasn't until our Doctor came & gave her the once over that it was decided that she should be tested (& positive) for Down Syndrome. It's been tough as you put yourself through the whole guilt of what you did or didn't do right through your pregnancy, but I guess we where just lucky enough to have had her. I am now 6 weeks off having our next child & decided that we wouldn't risk having a amnio or any other risky test done as we are going to love him/her no matter what. I did have the 11-13 week test (NTT) which showed us everything was fine, but you are still in a category & I figure I would rather him/her come to a loving family that can give them the best start in life then a family who is ashamed of having a disabiled child. Harriett is the most loving, happy, gorguest child that has been through enough in her first 12 months of life then anyone would want for there child & we couldn't be more happier that she picked us to help her.
I'm also sorry that I didn't read this early. I had an increase in the nucal fold which indercatd that my son could have down Syndrome being 21 weeks pregnant and the fact that we could miss carry my husband and i decided againest the amino. We have experienced a Still born son just before we got pregnat with our son. It was the best decision we ever made Ryan was born happy and healthy and even if it didn't turn out so good i would have loved him just the same as he is my little angle and i would do anything to just have him in my life. This time around there is some heart problems with the baby but I'm not worried cause i know in my heart that everything is going to be ok and we will be having another healthy baby. You have to do what feels right for you and your partner.

I'm sorry you have to go through this as it is a very hard thing to do.
I had my scan at 17wks and was told my son had clubfeet but was very small. So I had another done 2 weeks later and he was still too small. After another scan we were told we need to have an amnio because things weren't adding up.
We decided we would have it because ours was the fact that our son could have a defect in that he would have died in a few hours of delivery and a 1 percent chance he would have lived for a year.
We had it done and that wait to hear the results made me the most depressed I have ever been trying to make a decision if it came back positive.
Lucky it was all clear and we had a little boy, 5 wks early who had IUGR.
I hope it all goes well for you all and please talk about it as its harder to keep it in.

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