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First pregnancy, when should i be having my first ultrasound? Lock Rss

Hi there,
I have been reading some of the other forums and it seems as though some ladies have had their first ultrasound as early as 6 weeks and then every so often after that. I am 11 weeks pregnant and was lead to believe by my doctor that my first and only ultrasound will be at 18-20 weeks, is this right? can anybody help?

vikki NSW first pregnancy

usally an ultrasound at 6 weeks is to see how far along you are, if you dont know your dates .the ultrasound at 12 weeks is a screening ultrasound for downs you genrally have to pay for this the one andthe one at 18 weeks is the normal routine one

I have found it depends on your doctor and whether you go public or private.

With my last 2 I went public and didn't have a first scan till 18wks. This time I am going private and had my first at 12wks so the doc could find out my approx gestation and also to do some tests. I had another today, unexpected, at 16wks and have another actual sheduled one at 20wks.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

With my daughter I had scan at 18 weeks but I am pregnant now and they have brought in the 11-14 week scan. then another at 20 weeks.

Karen,NZ, 5 yr old girl & 2 yr old boy

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