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Miscarriage worries - Progesterone and HCG Lock Rss

Just bumping your post, so you will hopefully get a few replies smile

All the best,
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Hi, In my first pregnancy I had very low levels, unfortunately I did miscarry, but from what I did read its generally because the fetus doesn't actually form. I didn't have multiple blood tests, but from my first one, until second one (when I was miscarrying) my levels were very low. I hope for your sake, it isn't going to end in a miscarriage, but try not to get to worked up about it. It is still so early, anything could happen.
Hey mine are not as high as they should be was told i could possibly misscarry went 4 a scan the othr day and was told that everything is goin well and all is normal so you could be the same as well im still early stages as well so anything could happen goodluck!! ????
good luck yes i got my First BFP on and they told me my prog was low and had my second blood test on tue my levels dropped and they told me i was going to M/C so i had follow up test yesterday my levels has dropped even more so today i start bleeding the pains are unbearable im sad sad Pjo

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