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Gestational diabetes & insulin not bringing down blood sugar levels Lock Rss

Hi all, I'm 35 weeks and have Gestational diabetes. I'm on Insulin, first it was 14 units in the morning, then 16 at night, it wasnt working so they upped my dose to 18 units in the morning and 22 at night, still wasnt working, now I'm on 28 units in the morning, 12 at lunch and 30 at dinner, the levels are better than before, but still not quite in the right range! It's driving me nuts! I'm doing everything right, eating the right diet and doing moderate exercise but I still can't seem to control the blood sugar levels! sad
I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with GD or insulin not working, and I'm also being told bubs might have a low bsl when he's born due to mine being so high but dropping when he comes out of me, if that makes sense, it's a bit worrying.
I'm just sick of sticking myself with insulin injections 3 times a day when it seems to be pointless, has anyone got any advice? Or they're own experiences with this, would be nice to know I'm not the only one who has been cursed with Gestational diabetes.

Sounds exactly like my pregnancies, my morning levels were always high no matter what I did or didn't do. I ended up on such a high dose at night I had to stick myself twice as I reached over the maximum that my pen would go. Baby number 2 came out with a blood sugar reading of 1 so unfortunately had to given formula and NICU if they didn't come back up but luckily they did, so try not to stress too much. Also collect as much colostrum before the birth as possible as this will help to raise baby's blood sugar smile feel free to ask me any questions you have.
Oh wow, yeah it's very frustrating isnt it?! At least I suppose I'm not the only it happens too, but still.
Thankyou for your reply, when your baby had low bsl how did they treat him/her? And did they have to take him away from you for long? I don't want them to take him away from me sad

So frustrating, especially when you try and eat really well but it doesn't seem to make any difference. With my first he only needed colostrum which I had a huge stash of so just syringed that into his mouth. With the second he was also never apart from me at all, they just brought me my colostrum and hospital formula as the formula helped bring up his sugar levels. Have they talked to you about induction, I had both of mine at 38 weeks because of the diabetes, so fingers crossed you only have three weeks to go. smile
Yes, I'm being induced on the 26th of this month, so I'll be 38weeks too, getting nervous as well but it'll all be worth it in the end. Does it matter if I can't get any colostrum out as I've tried but nothing comes out yet

Keep trying, it takes a while to get it started, and it helps if your partner is there to "catch" it with a syringe. It's pretty normal to only get .1 of a ml to start with. Has anyone at you diabetes checkup talked through a technique with you?
No they have just told me to express, but it's easier said than done, so I'm just hoping when he's born I'll have enough milk then to feed him, if not I've got formula and I'm sure the hospital will have formula as a backup too so I'm not worrying about trying to express right now too much as I don't have any coming out, maybe a little tiny speck of water coloured stuff, it's clear, it's not coloured like colostrum so I don't know :/
But I'm just hoping my milk will come thru at birth, fingers crossed xxx

Is this your first baby? Your milk coming in varies from person to person, I think mine came about day 2 with my first then about day 3 or 4 with my second. Their tummies are so small to start with that your body should have enough colostrum to keep baby nourished. The hospital will take good care of you especially with the diabetes and make baby has enough to eat.
Yeah thankyou for reassuring me, I'm sure that formula will be ok if I can't express, n like you said they will take care of us n make sure he has enough food, n no this is my second baby but I had a lot of trouble breast feeding my first son, so he was bottle fed, but that was ok because he wasnt gaining weight from my milk, it was hard to feed him, he wasnt latching on properly either, so formula was the best thing for him, maybe for this bub too, but we will try again, see what happens, I'm just taking the formula to the hospital in case my milk doesn't come in on time lol

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