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hemorrhoids in pregnancy Lock Rss

Hello Ladies,

I am looking for some advice about haemorrhoids in pregnancy?
They seems to be common in the pregnancy so has anyone of you experienced them?
Is it necessary to go to the doctor or have you tried some other solutions? Is it save to use haemorrhoids cream during pregnancy?

Thank you for your replies.

It sure is a common thing in pregnancy, and very annoying!
I'm not sure if you're allowed to use haemorrhoid cream or not during pregnancy, but the best thing I've ever used was witch hazel...just soak a cotton ball in it, and place on the haemorrhoids for a little bit, and after a few days they should shrink. It also stops the pain/itch.
Thank you very much for your reply, I will try witch hazel:)
I also had them in my second trimester and yes it's very common, you can use haemorrhoid cream during pregnancy, you just need to ask your pharmacist which is safest, although its easier said than done, I was too embarrest to go and ask myself so I got my mum to go into the chemist and ask for me. They gave her the right cream and it was like omg the relief! Lol!
If you have a friend or someone you can get to go in for you, just make sure they tell the chemist you are pregnant and to be sure it's safe to use. I know there are creams that are safe as I had to use them!
The alternative is of course to see your doctor, they will give you a script for cream and then all you have to do is hand it to the pharmacist. I know it's hard to be open about these things but its better to get treatment otherwise it will drive you mad! Good luck

Hi, I had them with my last pregnancy, your midwife can give you a script so you dont have to ask at the pharmacy, also it should be cheaper to.
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