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Test results- NT scan and Hcg and PAPP-A levels Lock Rss

Ok so this is the first time I have posted, but I am feeling abit lost. I am 29 and this is my second pregnancy.

2 weeks ago I had my scan and I was told my baby's NT measurement was high, about 3.2mm, I spoke to my mid wife and she said we would wait on bloods.
My bloods came back and it wasn't good news, my Hcg and PAPP-A was so low.
hcg 0.36 MOM

My risk was
Down's syndrome 1/15
Trisomy 18 1/6
Trisomy 15 1/8
Turners syndrome 1/280

I have now met with a genetics councillor and had another scan and the babies heart was good, size was good and he couldn't see any abnormalities with the baby.
After the scan he did CVS, this is where a needle is put through your tummy into the placenta and they take a sample. I will get the results back tomorrow in regards to the 4 syndromes above, and then more results in 2 weeks for anything else that could be wrong.

Has anyone else been through this? Feeling alone and scared
I had to have an amnio with my twins. I found the waiting for results the worst.

Sorry I don't really have much advice. Just to take one day at a time. Also to talk to your partner on your thoughts if anything does come back positive. You need to be on the same page and support each other as much as you can.

Good luck.

Im surprised they didn't offer the you the FISH results as my results were 1/29 I had a CVS and I felt the worry and scared more than the needle I have been in your shoes twice and it never gets easy its not until you get the results when you can relax they will also remind you about your 20wk scan as I got told if you get high risk it can be a sign of a problem other than a trisomy issue
1 test of mine came back not so good the other test was good and I have a beautiful little lady who is perfect she good luck with everything
Thanks for your replies, yes the waiting is hard, and also scared to get that phone call tomorrow with the first lot of results.
Genetics councillor did say there is likely to be other problems than the trisomy. And this could be a high risk pregnancy, which is a worry on its own.
If you are anything like me you wont really rest until bub is in your arms I got my results the second time and even though they were great I worried until I saw she was ok
I hope you get the phone call and bub is okay I know how it felt when I didnt get the best news but I also know how it felt to bet great news
Yes I'm hoping so too, just want this nightmare to be over!
Try and get some sleep tonight I know It will be hard
Your definitely not alone, I had an amnio yesterday as I am very high risk 1:20 and that is mainly because of a high nuchal fold reading....same as you waiting on results (I don't get mine until Monday damn weekends!).
Positive thoughts coming your way
happy thoughts your way too kelz351, waiting over the weekend must be hard.

Im just sooooooo nervous about what that phone call, and what it is going to be like, the phone call regarding my blood results is still ringing in my ears.
Thank you! trying to stay positive
Thinking of you. I hope that you have received good news.

Hi, thank you for thinking of me.

But it hasn't been good news sad the hospital called and my baby is very sick, it has trisomy 18 which is Edwards syndrome. The baby would be lucky to make it full term, most are miscarried or still born, and If they do make it they die pretty quickly after birth, So I will be having a termination. I am so upset, I was hoping for good news but at the same time, I knew.
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