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Hi, just have a question about chance of miscarriage. I have one dd who is 5 yrs old and conceived naturally. However has not been so easy with second and have had to undergo IVF and finally after 7 rounds have fallen pregnant.

The issue now being my HCG levels were not rising as quickly as what is normally expected so I went in for an early ultrasound on Friday. Big positive their was a good heartbeat but the downside only measured 2mm therefore 5 weeks 4 days where we know I should be 6 weeks and 1 day. Have another scan for later next week.

Question is, am I likely to miscarry or should I disregard that and have faith the pregnancy will continue?
I wouldnt worry about the dating being only a couple of days behind. So long as the hcg is doubling then it will be fine.

side note a friend of mine who did IVF measured behind and her hcg didn't exactly double and she has a healthy 3 yr old now.

Keep your chin up.
When I found my midwife I was meant to be 10 weeks but went for scan to find that I was only 7 and babys heartbeat was strong. I'm now 18 weeks, and as per 13 week scan baby was measuring a week ahead but they won't change EDD now. I was bummed to be 3 weeks behind the original dates but they think I just ovulated late. I have no idea what the HCG levels were though. It sounds like things are fine xx
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