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Painful Sex During Pregnancy Lock Rss

OK, so I keep reading alot about sex during pregnancy being safe etc etc however can't really get an answer to my problem. My husband and I have attempted sex several times throughout my pregnancy (I am now 31weeks) however each time he starts to penetrate, its is really painful. It is not due to dryness (though that is a problem too) as we use lubricant. Its all ok on outside, but as soon as he enters even a little it feels really uncomfortable and just not right and though I have tried to continue, I can't as it hurts too much. Has anyone else experienced this or know the cause and any help for it? Obviously its a little embarrassing to discuss with the doc.
It was exactly the same with my husband and I. Dont know what causes it, husband and I just stopped having sex when I was about 6 months pregnant (although we didnt seem to have sex too often when I was pregnant anyway because it was uncomfortable for me).

i also have this prob. i had a mild uti tho and the midwife said that this could have been the problem. although the uti has been treated, sex was still painful. im 36 weeks and have not energy for it at the momment anyway but am a bit worried if we go over our due date and want to try sex to help labour along, it will be too painful. midwife said it can be quite common for women to feel some irriatation around the G spot area during pregnancy and it is normal.... doesnt really help tho specially if your wanting it non stop like i hear others do lol
It can be a bit painful, but maybe it is because it is sensitive down there because of all that increased rush of blood?
Another option could be that maybe you've been a bit constipated and that can make it a bit painful as well? (even before I was pregnant, anytime I had been constipated, it was just plain uncomfortable to have sex).

Thanks for your responses ladies. Can't say I'm wanting it all the time..but a little would be nice..however will try and hang out till bub is born or maybe try again with extra lube.
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