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Scar tissue pain during first pregnancy Lock Rss

Has anyone been told they are suffering from pain due to scar tissue/adhesions? I have had really bad tearing pain with movement - especially gonig from sitting to standing, and while walking and it wakes me at night when I change position. When I sit or lie still I just have a burny throbbing sensation, but as soon as I move I get the sharp pain. Dr thinks its due to scar tissue from an old laparocsopy and appendix removal but I was concerned it was something more as all my friends that have had babies say it isn't normal to be i this much pain all the time. After some persistence, I had an ultrasound which showed up normal, so looks like doc may be right. But wondered if anyone else had experienced this and if you know any other causes? Thanks
I have had this before and had it all throughout this pregnancy (no. 3). I'm putting it down to scar tissue from 2 previous c-sections (it has been years though) as the doctors (ob and GP) weren't concerned and couldn't give me an answer and weren't interested as to what it was.

It felt like I literally ripped apart something on the lower left or right of my tummy (only one side at a time) when I'd roll over in bed or sneeze - sneezing was the worst. It's settled the further along I've got in this pregnancy but I still get it occasionally, last 2 times was when I sneezed while driving, holy dooley!

I had frequent pain during my recent pregnancy that was centered around a laproscopy scar from when I had my gall bladder out 10 years ago. I couldn't get any answers to what it might be, so I figured it was from internal scar tissue. It really freaked me out and none of the doctors/midwives thought anything of it, so I can sympathise with you.

Thanks for your posts, its comforting to know I'm not the only oen going through this. Doc has given me a week of work to rest so will see if that helps.
Yes scar is paining for sometimes.try dermalmd will do trick have some patience
It is important to be really careful with the scar tissue after having a C-Section. My sister has told me to apply dermal md treatment for scars and wash it every day. Avoid doing physical activities for at least the first week.
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