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Hi all, wondering if you can advise me. I'm pregnant for the first time (only found out yesterday) and have been suffering period like pain for almost a week. I'm only 4 weeks pregnant. I don't usually have period pain at all and these pains are strong and constant. Is this normal or should I see a doctor straight away?
Hi Missus C

I would go to the doctor/hospital just to make sure everything is ok. I did have some cramping and bleeding when i was pregnant. I really thought i was going to miscarry, but i didnt.
It's always better to be safe than sorry. Good luck with it all, i hope everything turns out ok smile
Thanks lovely lara, it's still happening so I will make an appointment tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one who has ever had this!

I had period pains till about 6 weeks when pregnant with Ryan. Cause I was getting these pains I thought I couldn't possibly be pregnant ... but I was. The dr said it was because the hormones were all kicking in ... perhaps just see your doc though to put your mind at rest

all the best

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Thanks guys. I finally got to see the doctor (bloody long waiting lists in the country!) and he said that the pains were more than likely just hormones and he wouldn't be worried unless there was also some bleeding. And wouldn't you know it, the pain has eased off a lot since then anyway!
Thanks for your help. I will be using these forums a lot as there are so many nice and knowlegable mums here. smile
just wondering how the pains are?
i had them when i was pregant with caitlin up until about 12 weeks its just the body making room for the baby....pleanty off rest and heat packs...
let us know how it goes!!

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi Kaz, the pains are significantly better. Mostly just nauseous this week. Get the occasional pain but not constant like before. Most people say that all this nonsense stops at around 12 weeks so I only have to put up with it for another 5 weeks! Fingers crossed lol. I'm lucky that we work from home so I'm able to just have a rest whenever I feel like it. I've been extremely tired lately and I feel terrible that I'm so lazy, but I've been told that this too will pass. Lets hope so!
Hi, I am currently 10 weeks pregnant, with my first I had a easy pregnancy, no pains, no morning sickness, and a very easy labour, but this time around has been very different. I knew straight away I was pregnant and couln't wait till I was 6 weeks at least, to go to the drs. But at 4 weeks, I had spotting off and on, and period pain and started to stress really bad. But had an ultrasound and 3 blood tests and I was pregnant. Since 6 weeks I have had morning sickness sad When I was eight weeks I had a feeling like period pain again, but never had any spotting. A friend of mine is a nurse and said for the first 3 months everything is all out of whack!
To make a long story short, I can't wait till 12 weeks!!!
hi all
when I was preganant with my first I remember having this pain feeling, so I asked my know everything about pregnancy girlfriend and she said it is the baby attaching to the wall and the placenta growing. which makes sense because at 12weeks when this goes the placenta is fully formed and the baby lives off it from then. Also the after pains of my first child felt very simular. hope they are gone soon anyway
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