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I have been in Australia for 10 months am I am pregnant in week 13. In two weeks we are moving to Adelaide and I will have an amniocentesis there.

As the law is different to Germany I would like to ask:
Until when you are allowed to have an abortion?
And can anybody recommend a doctor?

Silke, Qld.

I'd like to ask why you are having the amnio done?
Did you know your baby now will start kicking???
And why if you're having an abortion did you leave it for so long?
Anyway you may have your personal reasons,but any gp will organise for you to have the abortion done.
In my opinion you're already late in doing so its such a shame.

good luck

mary.NSW 11 month baby

i think its up until you are 16 wks. Then after that the abortion is you giving birth to a baby. im not too sure. I cant recommend a doctor, but i suggest that you talk to your GP. Though they will probably put you through a counsellor before they let you make a decision. Im not too sure as this is my first pregnancy and im keeping it.
Good luck with what ever happens and what you decide

Bek (21), Peter (25), Chelsea (3) Luke (1)

I hope when people read this post that they stop to think that Silke may possibly be facing a baby with birth defects and that is why she is an aminio and considering termination. If this is that case Silke, I wish you all the best as my husband and I went through this when pregnant with our son. We were told we had a 99% chance of our son being born with Down Syndrome (not that this concerned us, we would have had him any way). I also contracted a virus called CMV whilst pregnant and as a result of both the chance of Down Syndrome and our little boy being born with major birth defects if he contracted CMV inutero we had to have an amnio. Thankfully all was okay and we have a healthy, happy 16 month old. Silke now matter what your reason I wish you all the best with a very hard decision.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Sorry i have no answers for you but wanted to say thinking of you, making this big decision.

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Silke, I had a friend who had a Nuchal Translucency scan which showed some signs of Down's Syndrome. She then had an amniocentesis which showed there was no signs at all. She has since given birth and she has a very healthy baby girl!! In QLD you could only have an abortion up to 12 weeks. This may have changed. I think the law is different in all states of Australia so perhaps SA will be different again. As I said I am not positive about all this. However if you are wanted to terminate a pregnancy for medical reason relating to either you or the baby then I think you can be further along in your pregnancy, how far I am not sure. You are best to speak to Family Planning their telephone number for Brisbane is 32500200. The other person who can help you is an everyday Medical Practitioner. You could speak to the person who confirmed your pregnancy. What ever your reasons are, which are none of my business, I hope everything works out.
Dear Silke,
I have just been told this morning after my first ultra sound (at 18 weeks) that I should consider amniocentesis as there was a echogenic focus on my baby's left ventrice of the heart. I am only 26 YOA, which means my risk should immediately be between 1 in 1000, however my blood test showed up at 16 weeks that my risk was actually 1 in 313 of having a baby with chromosone problems (DS). Because of this reason, I am considering having amnio test done but I can understand how you feel, and I wish you all the best if you come back to this forum. It has been a devastating of us this morning, however we havent really had time to talk about it as we both had to be back at work. My partner has said it doesnt matter what the baby is going to be like, so there is no point in an amnio test, as for me,I wold like to know for sure, if nothing else then at least for the preparation process, mentally. I am very angry that my incompetent GP who I had the unfortunate opportunity to have been seen up until I was 15 weeks pregnant, did not refer me to any ultra sound, the problem would have been detected earlier and we would have been able to have more time to decide on what to do and prepare ourselves. Now, since its too late into the pregnancy already, we have been told this morning that we only have overnight to make up our mind of what to do. Feeling like the whole world is crashing down on us at the moment, upset about the GP, but most importantly, hopefully we wont be making a rushed decision. Wish Warmest Wishes,
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