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Should i be feeling this way??? Please HELP!!!!! Lock Rss

Hi there,

I'm due on th 7th November and i'm really excited, i'm now i'm really wondering am i really ready for this can i handle the pressure?? My partners excited too but when a friend came over with her sisters baby my partner kinda freaked out that this is what were going to have in 6months, I have been soo excited up until today, i think maybe because i'm 12weeks tomorrow, i don't there's a difference liking to be pregnant to having a child. I'm really scared now, Is it normal to be like this?? my boyfriend isn't really helping either lately it feels like were kinda drifting apart i know he loves me but i wish he'd show it just a little bit more i really need it right about now. We had a good sex life up until a few weeks ago use to be a quite a few times a week now it's once a week if i'm lucky, does anyone know what might be going on in his head?? I've tried asking him but he said he's fine and we're fine and he loves me very much. But i just don't know!!! HELP!
Those feelings that you are having (i.e. if you are ready to become a parent) are normal, especially as it is your first baby. It would probably be as a result that as tommorow you will be 12 weeks, it's kind of like a finaly thing, where it is confermed. The baby is definatly going to be born and the babies health is going well. THis sounds like jubberish. LOL

What I am trying to say (now that i have had breaky) is that tommorow your pregnancy is out of the danger period, and will therefor be definatly comming. It's a bit of a shock if you are a first time baby, and if it is your first pregnancy. Your partner may be feeking this too.

little monkeys

Hi Natalie,

Its so normal to have so many mixed feelings - all throughout your pregnacy AND BEYOND!!! you may find that in 3 weeks time you'll become really excited again, and then a couple of weeks after that, be really nervous. As soon as bub is born your naturaly instincts will kick in'll be fine!

Try and talk to your DP as much as possible and keep him in the know of how you're feeling too, as he may not understand what you are feeling!

All the best!

BTW, My DD was due 08/11/2003 (but came along 19/11 - 11 days late and i was induced!!) and we named her NATALIE!!! funny eh!

Hi Natalie,

jerilee here but im sure you guessed that.. im 19 and having my second baby in oct i was pregnant at 16 with my beautiful daughter Kaitlynn.... i live in tauranga.....wiht my daughter and her daddy (my husband of 5 months now) but its been really hard going tho.. (got lots to say about that kinda stuff if u wana know

it would be great if we could chat feel free to add me [email protected]

jerilee xo

Jerilee , Kaitlynn 3, Joshua 28.10- 6.12.06

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