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Question about Folic Acid Lock Rss

I am not a vege fan and I probably don't get the required amount of folic acid this way. I am taking a supplement but was wondering would it be worth me taking a double dose just to be sure, will go and ask the midwife today but thought I would ask here as well. I just want to be sure that it is ok to take 2 tablets instead of 1 a day.

Pam, mum to Micah born 27/11/06

Hi Pam

You need 0.8mg of folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy. I don't know if you saw an article about folic acid on Close Up but a lot of supplements in NZ don't have enough folic acid in them. But if the supplement you have has other vitamins and minerals in it, it is best not to double up as you may get too much of something else.

Your midwife will be able to advise you what is best and may either give you the name of an appropriate supplement (if your one isn't quite right) or write a prescription for the right strength of Folic Acid. You can also buy the proper pharmacy grade folic acid from the pharmacist.

Hope that helps


Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

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