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although i think i have made the best decision as i already have 2 children , this abortion has ended one page of my life. i will never be able to forget my terminated pregnancy. good luck to all women who go trough this.. life is hard...
Hi William.

While there are some that may feel strongly against your decision, I myself sympathise with you and hope that your life gets easier. You obviously knew that you and your family could not cope with another child at the moment. While you may not be able to forget your terminated baby you will be able to help those that may go through this feeling later in their lives. Good luck with in the future and as I said earlier I hope that your life gets easier for all those involved.

little monkeys

hi william! You are very brave in my opinion ... firstly for openly telling your story on a public forum with a bunch of strangers, and secondly for having the ability to make the decision that was right for you. I hope you are ale to *heal* and get past this chapter in your life!! Others may condemn you, but they do not walk in your shoes wink

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

A wise man once said:
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasnt supposed to ever let You down probably will.
You will probably have Your heart broken more than once.
You will fight with Your best Friend.
You will blame a new love for things a former one did.
You will cry because time is passing by too fast;
And You WILL eventually lose someone You love.

So, take TOO many pictures, laugh too much, & love like You have never been hurt before; Because every 60 seconds You spend upset is a minute of happiness that You will never get back
hello william... you should never forget any of your pregnancies.. i too have had a termination when i was 18. After the termination i did feel alot of regret & guilt..because the decision i made was based on the partner's feelings i was with at the time, not mine. But it doesn't mean my decision was wrong... i can tell you that you are extremely brave to post this anywhere. Life is hard... but there are so many good things in our lifes. i can mention two very good people that are in your life already. Some days, it's hard to struggle through the day. but like the old cliche says "it get's easier with time". This is true

Bella is expecting a new sibling in 6 months :0)

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