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Breastfeeding Classes... Lock Rss


Just wanting to know whether any of u mums or mums to be have attended breastfeeding classes? I had trouble with both my boys but very much so wanting to feed my 3rd. If anyone did attend these classes did u find them of any use? My sister said they would be a waste of time, but htis is coming from a person who has no trouble whatsoever.

Many thanks

Get onto your local ABA group (Aust Breastfeeding Association), formerly Nursing Mothers & see if they do a support group in your area. They have lactation consultants & are trained in helping people successfully achieve b/feeding. Alternatively, ask you midwife in hosp to help you get started. I had a wonderfully bossy midwife with my first, who told me I was doing it all wrong, got up on the bed behind me & showed me how to attach my DD. With my son, I had no issues attaching him, I remembered my bossy midwife's instructions! Both children weaned themselves first @ 5mths & the next at nearly 7mths, but I was happy that I had that length of time. Next time round, it'll hopefully be longer again.

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