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any young mums to be in canberra??? Lock Rss

hey. my name is leisha. im 15 and pregnant. please dont judge me!!! i have had enough of the dirty looks and rude comments. im 35 weeks and bub is breech and bottom engaged. im still with the father. am having alot of trouble with my pregnancy, not sleeping at all, max 2 hours a night. mid wife says if im not sleeping by wednesday then she is going to refer me to a physio and if that does nothing then im going to get induced. *gulp*!! i have heard induced labors are very long and extra painfull. im sooo nervous!!! does anyone have suggestions to help me sleep??? thanks!!!!!!!!
have you tryed music! I am only 28 weeks pregnant at the moment and i wasn't sleepin much because bub is just so active but i lay down now and listen to a whole cd of really soft relaxing music and it helps! Goodluck with it all... im from Goulburn not really that far away from there.
Hey Leisha, no i dont judge you. I dont know you or your situation, so i would never do that. I hope noone does on here, as it is meant to be a site for help, not judgment. Most of the ladies on here are all lovely and nice so im sure you wont have any problems in that respect. Congratulations on your pregnancy too, im sorry to hear you are having a bit of a tough time! Lavender is supposed to be very soothing..maybe burn a lavender candle in your room before sleep..(make sure you blow the candle out before you go to bed tho!), or a dab of lavender oil on a hanky under your pillow, (not on your pillow as im not too sure how much essential oils you can use during pregnancy..i would just check with you doc to make sure it is ok.) You can get lots of things at a natural shop..just make sure you read the labels, so they are safe to use during pregnancy. Maybe your partner could give a gentle massage before bed, just to relax you. I hope ive helped a little! I havent heard much about induced friend had one, but she also had pre-eclampsia, so thats why she had a bit of trouble..but everything turned out fine, and her bubs is now 6 months and healthy. Good luck, i hope youre able to sleep better, and if you need to be induced, im sure it will go ok, dont forget the beautiful reward at the end of it!!
Thinking of you i hope all goes well. xxxx
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