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babys foot is turnd in please help Lock Rss

im 5mths i had my ultrasound and thay have said the babys foot is turnd in i would like to know what i can do about it as im worried the baby will have trouble walking .
Hey hun

Im sorry i can't help you because i haven't heard of this happening. Have you spoken to your doctor or midwife about it. Im sure and hope your little bubs will be fine. Let me know how things go

Take care smile

Ds 17/10/06

hey amandalee

my daughter as u have most likely seen the thread (premmie baby 14 weeks too early) her foot was growing outwards when she was in nicu, she did have a plaster on it for about 2 weeks by memory and this was to help gravity to push it back into shape, we did have phyiso on it as well but u could not tell her little leg was growing outwrds it was due to poor mussle control as well thats why we did phyiso to strength it..

so please dont stress too much over will be fine and oh caitlin didnt have any walking promblems with what they can do these days its really amazinggood luck and please keep us up dated

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi there, I was apparently born with the foot turned in thing. I walked a bit pigeon toed on one foot for a while - not very noticeably though. I am perfectly fine now.

Mamabear to Ella Rose born 28/9/06

Hey chick,

Sorry to hear of this. My aunty who's son is now 3, almost 4, had the same problem when he was born. He had a few operations and had to wear a foot brace for quite some time and only recently had it taken off. As far as I no, he still has one more op to go. The whole time though it never seemed to bother him or was painful. He still has a slight limp but over time it will fade. My cousin never had trouble walking. The only thing that he had to wear was a bigger shoe on that foot because of the brace. There was never no walking frames or things like that. It was kind off cute actually because sometimes he would be flat out running and trip over. He was straight back up though. I wouldn't worry too much luv, these days there is so much technology anything could be done to fix it. Take care & all the best

Alessi, 10 july 2006

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