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Hi Ladies

I was wondering if someone might be able to shed some light for me on what a Molar Pregnancy is. Thankfully I have never had one however a friend of ours has recently been diagnosed with one and just had a D&C a few days ago. She has been told she has a high risk of developing cancer if they did not remove everything and may have to undergo chemotherapy. They are devastated to say the least as the pregnancy was very much wanted and now they have been told they have to wait at least 18 months before getting pregnant again.

Does anyone know about this type of pregnancy as I would like to be able to understand it better.


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Hi Kristi,

I had never heard of a Molar pregnancy either, but I looked it up for you and this is what I have found:

"What Is It? In a small number of pregnancies - more often in women over 45 than younger women - an abnormal mass, instead of a normal embryo, forms inside the uterus after fertilisation. The trophoblast - the layer of cells that line the gestational sac - converts into a lump of clear tapioca-like vesicles instead of the beginnings of the placenta. Without a placental support system, the fertilised egg deteriorates. Also known as trophoblastic disease or hydatidiform mole, the molar pregnancy is probably caused by a chromosomal abnormality in the fertilised egg."
- What to Expect When You're Expecting
Arlene Eisenburg

The book goes on to say that chemotherapy may be needed, but is not likely if the disease was caught early. Also, when TTC again, the mother-to-be should get an adequate intake of animal protein and Vit A before and after conceiving.

There is about 2 pages of info in the book, starting on page 506.

Hope I have helped.

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