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I'm 14 weeks pregnant and for the last few days have been experiencing pain in my lower ribs (just under my boob) on the right hand side only.
According to one of my books, this happens mainly in the third trimester as the uterus rises in the abdomen.
Has anyone else had this so early in their preganancy and if so does it last for the duration???

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Hi Anj,

I've been getting twinges under my right ribs for over a week now. I'm almost 14 weeks. At first I was worried that it was gallbladder problems, but it doesn't last too long. It's really painful though, huh? I've tried sitting up and walking around to get rid of it, and in the end I just end up laying down and trying to forget about it. That doesn't really work, but I'd love to know how to get rid of the pain. I think it only lasts a few minutes at a time, is that what yours is like?
Anyway, I guess we will find out more about it. The beauty of this website is all the lovely girls that have been through all this and can give us their first hand experiences. Yay!
Take care and good luck!
im 35 weeks pregnant and im sorry to say it doesnt get any better towards the end. Just wait till the breathlessness starts i deal with it every day.

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i had the same thing, same side too.
i think i was around 4/ 5 months preg. i found it really painful soe days, i used to just genly rub under my ribs and it always seemed to help, until haleigh decided to kick.
talk to your midwife if you are concerned, im sure she/ he can giive you piece of mind smile

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