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Breastmilk when you're pregnant. Lock Rss

hi, i'm 27 weeks pregnant and i was juust wondering is it bad to try and squeeze breast milk (or colostrum w/e it is called) while you are pregnant. i sometimes feel like i have really sore breasts b/c they seem quite full and so sometimes i express a little bit out to relieve the pressure. but is this a bad thing to do? i know that at the end of your pregnancy one of the natural ways to "bring on" a baby is to start expressing milk, so does this mean i am doing the wrong thing?
hi cindy

i am also 27 wks, and i have had the same thing, sometimes my breasts tingle and feel sore, but feel better if i relieve the pressure a little. i don't know if it's bad or not, but sometimes it NEEDS to be relieved!

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