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Sore tailbone anyone?? Lock Rss


I'm 5 months pregnant and lately my tailbone has been sore. I find it uncomfortable when sitting down. Has anyone every experienced this also or know why it happens and how it will affect the labout?

Hi Poochie

I am nearly 13 weeks pregnant with my third and my tail bone has been really sore lately. When I was in labour with my youngest I did a little damage to my tailbone whilst pushing bubs out and I am pretty sure it is related to that. Is this your first baby? Have you ever had any damage done to your tailbone? Perhaps it could be related to that.


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Hi I had a sore tailbone for about two months earlier in my pregnancy, eventually it went away but for me it was because my tailbone is straight and usually they are a bit curved. Your tailbone could maybe be bruised? I did that once & couldn't sit down comfortably for about five months!
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