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Born in the sack Lock Rss

Hey every1 i was just wondering if any1 else has heard of it my daughter is now 2 but when i had her she was born in the sack my waters didnt break they had 2 break them after i had pushed her out my partner said it was weird 2 c it it was just like a ballon blowing up and down when i pushed i wish i could have taped it i spose cause it was different, they also told me that it was a greek tradition any1 greek out there that knows about this? also very good luck and very rare i had never ever heard of it untill it was myself even now i dont hear of it much so if any1 has had a baby the same way or has anything 2 ask about it feel free thanx

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I have heard of it before, but not much! I would also love to hear more about it!

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Hey thats great i would love 2 talk more bout it, plz email me at [email protected]

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