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i was just wondering if every expecting mum to be has a show b4 going into labour as a sign??? i know lots of people dont have their water break on their own and have to be broken in hospital, but if you do have a show does it vary on how long after the show you go into labour?

Hey there,
I've got a 12 week old bub, and I never had a show and my waters never broke (until way after I got to hospital). Some people can have their show up to 2 weeks before going into labour, others show only hours before labour. That's the bad thing, every birth experience is different.

Sam and Hayley and bub

I was in labour for around 48hrs before I had my baby boy. I had a very small show but the birth of Jack was still many hours away. It may have been different for me though because I had a very slow labour and my waters had to be broken. Trust me though, you will know when you are in labour! Good luck

No show with my first, I just thought that maybe I missed it. Waters broke in middle of night had my son the following evening. Will have to see with number two.
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