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Peircings Lock Rss

i was wondering is it ok to get peircing while your pregnant and while breastfeeding. i got my tongue peirced when i was 8weeks(i ddnt kno) and never had problems(other then forgetting to put th bar bac in and it closed). i really want to get it done again but im not sure if its ok 2. i also want to get my ears redone. im really impatient and dont want to hav to wait ages to get it done. im 36weeks now.
i dunno but im like u... i relly wanna get another tattoo but wasnt sure if its ok while im pregnant. i decided to wait coz i didnt want teh baby to get stressed from the pain of it. i guess the same would be for piercings but i dunno... especially getting your tongue done again... i have mine pierced and i couldnt eat properly coz it was so swollen... this might be a problem not being able to eat well because our baby takes all the good stuff from our food ( all the nutrients) and we get the left overs! and seeing you will have to eat soup and stuff it might not be the best idea to minimise your nutrient intake being so close to giving birth when you need your strength the most. just an idea, but i dunno if there is any medical reasons why you cant... maybe ask at your next checkup

hope i sorta helped

good luck with Bub!

ive got tatts and would like another one but have been told that the shock your body can go into from the pain is not good for the baby and if you get a tat or anything like that in the 12 months befor birt you cant donate the placenta. I would have to say it is not a good idea while up the duff and you dont really have that long to go.

Kaleb almost 7, and Zayne 3. and 4 weeks with numb

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