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Cramps in my lower back! Lock Rss

Im 28 weeks pregnant and for the last week and a half or so ive been getting really intense cramps in my lower bask that last for about a min and a half then goes for about 30 secs then comes back and so on. Each time it happens i feel all flushed and i feel like im going to throw up! It has happended about 4 times in the last 10 days or so and usually lasts all up for about half an hour. Im a young mum and this is my 1st baby, so i dont really know what it is or why its happenening!
Any help would really be great!

Good luck with your own pregnancies!

Hi Jasmyn,

I'm sorry you are having this pain. I think it would be worth mentioning to your Doctor as it could be a number of things. A couple of thoughts from my experience are: when pregnant your ligaments soften to allow the body to accomodate the baby. This means we have to be extra careful of out posture. Also, with my first pregnancy I had similar pain to what you are describing. The cramps were crippling. I went from a B cup in my bra to a DD before Bub arrived. After trying pysio unsuccessfuly I went o get fitted for a maternity bra - no more pain when I had the correct support. It was amazing.

Neither of these may be the cause so I would urge you to talk to your Doctor. Good luck.h

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