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Hi Everyone!

I need a remedy that WORKS to easy heartburn!
I have had a pretty lucky pregnancy with no morning sickness at all, but when it comes to heartburn, it seems like it never leaves me alone! Day or night its there! I've tried Mylanta, eating dry biscuits, sleeping propped up, having drinks, eating smaller and more frequent meals... but it does nothing for me! It wakes me from my sleep and even if i sit up it doesnt ease up!


Its driving me crazy and its often really painful!

Hi Jasmyn,

I've had some trouble with it too, it's not nice at all hey. Have you tried the Gaviscon Tablets. I've tried them all but those particular ones seemed to give me a bit more releif than any others, but sometimes I would take 3-4 of them, and if all else failed I would drink milk.
Hi Jasmyn,

I was also getting heartburn really bad. Every time I ate I was in pain with it so I asked my Dr if there was anything for it and she gave me a prescription for Ranitidine aka Zantac which are effervescent tablets that are fine to take during pregnancy. My prescription says to have it in the morning and at night but I've only taken it 4 times in 2 weeks and I can't believe the relief I'm getting. I wish I'd spoken up about it last pregnancy cause I suffered really badly then too.

I hope you get some relief soon!!

Take care

Kylie, SA, Mum of Tiahna 9yo and Liam 23.06.06

a think that has worked for me is rennie tablets u can chew them or swallow tham and they arent that chalky and have a peppermint flavour to them and they work pretty fast.
They r what i have survived on and will continue to i keep them in my baby bag and my handbag i take everywhere

5 kids now

When I was pregnant with my daughter I used Rennie tablets and they worked for me. I also have heard that if you get really bad heartburn it means bub has a lot of hair. It certainly came true in my case. My daughter was born with a full head of beautiful brown hair. Hope you find something that works for you.
Have you tried fizzy drinks or anything to help you burp? I have found this helps. In my first pregnancy I found it the worst at night!
My baby had LOADS of hair!
During my first pregnancy I spoke to my midwife about bicarb soda.... She said 100% DO NOT USE IT!!!!! It can be used to induce your baby but it's not real safe because it will make the baby's bowls loose and it may poo in the womb - which can poison things around that baby.
It's up to you I guess, after being told that I would'nt ever take it, However some of my friends have, and their babies were perfectly healthy.
Hi jasmyn

i know how you feel! Currently at 31 weeks (today) and have suffered heartburn for the previous 8 weeks! Try a tablespoon of condensed milk (sweet I know ) but it really works, only catch is that It has toi be cold!
Hi Jasmyn,

I have suffered from mild heart burn throughout all 3 of my pregnancies. None though, that sound like you have had.

My problem was not caused by an upset tummy. Mine was physical and needed adjusting by a chiropractor. I realise that many people have negative experiences with this but i have had no problems. If you live near wangaratta then i am happy to put you onto my chiro... she is fantastic and very thorough.


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I suffered from chronic heartburn with my last pregnancy. One thing that eased it a bit was some stuff called Gastrogel. It comes in a green and white bottle and you drink it. It doesn't taste the best but I would get up in the middle of the night, pull it out of the fridge and take a swig of it. It acts pretty fast too which is good. I used to keep it in the fridge that way it was nice and cooling. Hope that helps!

And milk... I swear by milk!!!

i had and still have heart burn everyday. started getting it from 6 weeks preggers'.i'm now 25 weeks and still have it. tryed every bloody thing i can and nothing is working.its driving me crazy too.
my friend said well looks like your baby is gonna have lots of hair, i dont want my son coming out with a mullet no way no way.i guess having a easy pregnacy at the start is biting back at me(no morning sickness)
have fun struggling with it too i will b glad when bubs is born so i wont have it all the time!!!!!!!!!!!
good luck girls byeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I know this post is old, but just thought I'd let you know my ob said zantac os perfectly safe, so I've been taking it and it works.
Not if I eat lots of chocolate though!
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