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New Mercy Hospital at the Austin Lock Rss

Hi everyone

im booked into the new Mercy hospital at the Austin to give birth to my bub in july. i picked this hospital coz my Nanna died at the Austin 6 days before i fell pregnant and i wanted to have my baby there because it was the last place my Nanna was alive and she meant the world to me. but i havent heard anything about the hospital from other mums who have had their bubs there because its fairly new and i dont know anyone whos had a baby there.
has anyone had a baby there? was it what you expected? hvae you had a baby at any other hospital and found it better or worse? is anyone planning on having there baby there around early-mid july???
Hi Jasmyn! I am having my baby there in September. Most of my friends have had their babies there in the last couple of months, and they have been really happy with it.

Mamabear to Ella Rose born 28/9/06

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