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Hi Everyone!

Ive noticed that sometimes my baby kicks me so hard on the sides of my ever expanding tummy that i feel like im goig to fall over! LOL! Like right now im sitting down and Bub is kicking me that hard im moving to the side from the force behind the kicks! Worst part is im expecting a GIRL! Is anyone else feeling these types of kicks, or is my little girl going to be the worlds best rugby player at 6 months old!?!

Hi Jasmyn!

My bubs is 7 months old now but when I was pregnant she was a real little kicker and the strength in them used to surprise me! Anyway when she was having her blood taken after she was born she would just keep kicking and all the midwifes commented on how strong she was. And even now she loves to kick her feet/legs up and down! So chances are you may just have a great rugby player...I'm thinking my little girl will be a good swimmer tongue

Take Care and good luck with it all....prob see you at the 2020 swimming championships
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