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period pain? Lock Rss


i am 23 years old and currently nearly 6 weeks (on sunday) for the first time.
i am having what feels like period pain but different (if that makes sense) is this normal?
it seems to be all through out the day.



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yeh i got that too when i was about 6 weeks, and i went and got it checked out at the hospital but they didnt really tell me why but let me go and they werent too worried about it. ive been told its your muscles moving and stretching but who knows. as i said, the hospital didnt seem too worried about it, so i doubt its much.

good luck
Hi I had that and was told it was the egg enbedding into the uterus for it to get more cumffy.
And because you missed your periods your body is still ajusting, it come and went until after week 8 when your next period was due, but everyone is differnet but just watch it. Good luck all will be fine
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