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Period pain - 35 weeks.. Lots of braxton hicks Lock Rss

Just a quick question.. I too have had a few peroid type pains these last few days. I have been getting a lot and i mean a lot of braxton hicks contractions as well. With these pains dose it mean that I may go early? baby is not yet engaged yet either.??

Can anyone help?

Fe, SA, Zaine 4yrs, Jake 04/05/06

Hi There

I have only just started having Braxton Hicks (32 weeks) not many though - the period pain type feeling I have had all throughout my pregnancy, but lately some days is very bad - Im not sure if it means prem labour, I thought it can mean your uteras is growing, but hey, that's when I was 12 weeks lol - don't know what the excuse is now...

I have heard a lot of people experience all sorts of pains and have thought this is a sign of prem labour and they have gone overdue, so who knows what our bodies are doing and or why they are doing it.


my midwife told me that your babys head should be engaged by 36 weeks (mine has been there since 32 weeks ....little buggar )and I am now 4 days overdue and still had no BraxtonHicks contractions but the last few days I have been getting the feeling of movment....not a kick but like when the baby rolls over ,I get that feeling .........well.........down there !!
Anybody got any advise on this one ???
Please dont make me describe this to my midwife ,she is lovely and all but I will look like an idiot !!

Hope your braxton hicks slow down for you

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