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I felt the baby kick!!! Lock Rss


I'm just sitting here reading all the posts, and I just wanted to share with everyone that I just felt the baby kick for the first time - well its not the first time, but its the first time i have felt him kick when i had my hand on my tummy!!! (it must have been a big kick) I can’t wait to go home and let my Fiancée fell his son kick.

Just wanted to share that with everyone!!!

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how lovely for you, i am on my 5th pregnancy and there is nothing like it, is there, it is priceless not that i have felt this one move yet almost 15 weeks, i never feel mine b4 about 18 weeks though so i can imagine how excited you are. enjoy it, i was a little sad when my baby was born and couldn't feel those kicks and tumbles any more, not that i would put the baby back at all!!!
good for you sweetie,
i still remember the first time i felt my baby kick.i was only 14 weeks and my partner was hugging me in bed so we felt it together , it really is a magical moment..wait until you feel those hiccups?!!!!
bubs is now 5 months old so really enjoy your pregnancy,i miss it SOOOO badly it was such a wonderful time you are really connected with your bubs
best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy
if you want to chat any time heres my address
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Lillie....1 year old!!!

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