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How early do Braxton hicks come on? Lock Rss

hi i'm 22 weeks pregnant and for the last couple of nights while at the supermarket i get this tightening just under my breasts. It feels like my organs are pushing up into my throat. It isn't painful as such, just uncomfortable. I felt like abandoning my shopping trolley right in the middle of the supermarket and going home to crawl into bed.

Is this feeling Braxton hicks? any ideas?

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i would say yes

my braxton hicks have never been painful, they still arnt (im 39 weeks).

They started when i was around 5 or 6 months i think... cant remember now... i wish i wrote it down...

It just feels like your bump is hardening, sometimes it can make your brething go a little funny. Its good to know what they are.

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I started getting BH's around 14 weeks and they were painful ones by 15 weeks so what you're experiencing could very well be BH's. Not sure what else it could be but might be something worth mentioning at your next checkup - or give your doc/midwife/ob a call and see what they have to say rather than waiting grin

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