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Baby sitting very low Lock Rss

Hi all lovely mums and mums to be!

My pregnancy has been a very good one and I love being pregnant, but since I felt the first movements (nearly 11 weeks ago) they have all been very low and never above my belly button. I am 24 weeks now and since week 15 he has been kicking and wriggling right down near my pubic bone and about a inch above my private area. I cant get anyone to feel them because I would be putting their hand nearly on my crutch!

The ultra sounds show him nice and comfy in the bottom of the uterus (With a large empty spot above!) and I would like to know if at this point in time there is any way I can help him move up a bit. I have tried patting my tum up there and he goes up for a minute but then back down again.

It has got to the stage now where I am in pain in any sitting position at all and the kicks feel like sharp pains on my cervix that feel exactly like when your cervix gets scraped during a pap smear.

Any thoughts?

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Hi aniela,

You are not alone! I am 26wks, and my little girl, seems to love it in the lower part of my uterus! I only ever feel kicks and movements at or below my belly button, hardly ever above, and she loves to kick my bladder when it has anything in it, it's as if she's very territorial and wants more room! She's kicked it so hard at times, I've almost pee'd myself!

The thing that has me confused, is that when the midwife checked the fundal height on tuesday, I was measuring way above where I should be for 26 wks! So there's plenty of room for her, she just likes to hang around at the bottom.

The only thing I can think of is maybe the placenta is right at the top??? When I had an ultrasound at 19wks it was about half way up, maybe it has gone higher?? Did they tell you where your placenta is sitting??

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