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enlarged kidney at 19 wk scan Lock Rss

Hi I was just wondering if anyone else found out that there baby had a larged kidney at there 20 wk scan and what happend after.
The doctor said it is at it's limit size for the size of the baby at 19 wks and i have to go back at 26 wks for another scan, But said to wait and see and not to be concerned yet.I t is a boy this time as i have a 12month old girl.Do i need to worry and what does this really mean the doctor want say much.
Help any info would be appreciated.
Moan DD 3/09/2006 with 12month old
Hi Moan,

I had this happen with my first child, he was also a boy!!

I had another scan at 32 weeks and then again after he was born at 6 weeks of age and all returned normal.

I will hunt out his old scans and tell you what was said on each one if you want?

Also, i was told (as i didnt find out the first time) that it mainly happens in boys and rarely in girls - so we knew it was going to be a boy!!

my email is; [email protected] if you want to chat further

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

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