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Morning Sickness Remedy Lock Rss

Hello Everyone,
Can anyone help me with some morning sickness remedies that have worked for you.
I am 7 weeks pregnant and the morning sickness is unbearable.
Please help!!!!!!

Fran, NSW, Mother of baby girl

Hi it is hard but it will pass in most cases anyway.
I found for myself not having my morning tea or coffee helped it over heated me nad i vomited instead i drank red or orange cordial it helped with the sugar side and toast, but i also took my pregnancy vitamins at lunch or tea time as i found they kind of liked curdled in my belly, also i was taking blackmores morning sickness tablets they helped they are full of ginger. Anyway hope this helps and don't have to hot of showers i know it is hard when it is getting cold but it over heats you.
Good luck
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