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Irregular cycles after stopping pill to TTC....HELP! Lock Rss

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has been in same boat I'm in...
I came off the pill in January to TTC. Had a period which came nine days late, on Feb 22. Haven't had one since and am now 23 days overdue. (neg hpt test aswell)

Did anyone that is now pregnant have a similar problem? I just wanted to see if anyone still ovulated during these abnormal cycles and got pregnant!


hi Megan!
i had the EXACT same problem. i had been on pill for 5 years and when hubby and i decided we wanted a baby i came off pill... this was in march. i didn't get my 1st period until may! then nothing! i wasso worried... everytime i missed one i got all excited and took home preg test and they always came up negative. anyway i started getting really sore breasts so in september i went to doctor as i still had only had 1 period since march and i was worried the pill had stuffed my body up. anyway he did a test and it turned out i WAS pregnant! i had an ultrasound to confirm dates (as i certainly couldn't rely on last period!) and i was 9 1/2 weeks. it was then that it occured to me that my sore breasts were from being pregnant, but i had no morning sickness or anything and all my home tests (which i HAD performed during that 9 weeks) all came up negative.
i am now 38 weeks pregnant. So trry not to feel discouraged (i know i did) the pill does weird things to your system for some ppl they get preganat immediately, some like me it takes a few months and others it can take up to a year. if you run really late and dont feel right in ur body like i didn't it doesn't hurt to go to the doctors and get checked out.. who knows, they might have some exciting news for you too!!!
good luck!!

Mel, 22, NSW, Ava born 28th April 2006

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