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19 weeks & dont feel or look it Lock Rss

Hi guys Im 33 & 19 weeks pregnant with my 3rd other than the morning sickness i have no other pregnant "feelings" I still dont even have a pot belly:( Any one else ever have this problem I would love to know how you delt with it cause im not taking it very well at all.
My email is [email protected]
I would love to chat with other mums to be with the same or similar issues.
hey i had the same problem with my pregnancy i didnt get my baby belly till about 7-8mths when i was 5mths i looked 2months pregnant. I dealt with it pretty well, except i didnt get to have enjoy my baby belly for that long which was a disappointment. but i went right back to my normal weight which was good lol.

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

hi ojo

i have spoken to you before i added you to my msn i hope you don't mind we can chat anytime ok

Carolanne,Cameron & Emily born 8th sept

i didn't look preganant and in fact hid it from everyone at work till I was 21 weeks pregnant

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

Hi smile

I had the same problem, i didn't have any symptoms (except low bp) and i didn't start showing until I was about 6 months pregnant!

People can be really hurtful towards women who arnt very big, ive had a lot of nasty comments come from different people saying how small I am and that im not being responsible and that theres something wrong with the baby - even to someone asking if my baby was still alive cos im so small!

Ive learnt to ignore most comments, although they still get to me sometimes. Im 35 weeks now and i am still tiny but my baby is healthy and a normal size so im just enjoying the fact that i wont have many stretch marks and that it should be easier for me to loose the weight afterwards.

Good luck with everything

Bec xo
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